Skype, encrypted private conversations arrive for internal users

Skype Insider is updated with Private Conversations, which finally introduce end-to-end encryption into communications. Until now, it was completely non-existent on the instant messaging platform. Microsoft has specified that it uses Signal (open source protocol), developed by Open Whisper System.

The functionality is implemented for a large number of operating systems: iOS, Android, Linux, MacOS and Windows (desktop) and the required version is End-to-end encryption protects both audio and traditional chat calls;”covered” by encryption there are also images and documents sent as attachments.

skype image

Skype will leave no trace of Private Conversations

By the way, private conversations won’t even appear in the list of conversations and won’t generate notifications. Important detail: Messages from a private chat are only received from the device. However, you can change it during the conversation.

At the moment, it is not possible to participate in private group discussions. The Skype team added that the next step is to improve the experience of creating a private chat. We do not know when the role will be distributed to all users. For more details, please refer to the official announcement published in Microsoft Responses.


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