Skype for Windows 10 updates with Fluent Design and other new features

The Skype for Windows 10 desktop has new features and a graphical update with a touch of Fluent Design. This latest development had already appeared in the last few weeks for the Insiders registered in the Fast Ring; now it is time for a wider distribution to all users.

Among the novelties we can see how the background of the sidebar now takes advantage of the translucent acrylic effect, while Reveal highlights the elements that can be more elegantly punctured when passing over the mouse. There are certainly two new features that make browsing on Skype more stylish.

Skype for Windows 10 updates with Fluent Design and other new features 1

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In addition, this latest update also includes some new features to help us do more on our PC:

  • New Gallery button at the top to quickly view/search for all shared media content in the chat room
  • The notification panel now alerts us when we are mentioned (@user), when a reaction is added to our message and more.
  • Redesigned profile page with the return of the “Status” field where you can set “Do not disturb” and “Invisible”.
  • Improved the search function that now scans all chats, both individually and as a group.

The update is already being distributed through Microsoft Store; all notifications will be received by all users within the next few hours.

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