Skype says goodbye to login via Facebook since January 2018

Among the many inconsistencies in the countless versions of Skype available on various platforms is support for logging in via Facebook. In the traditional Win32 desktop client and on the Web is available, including the new UWP application for Windows 10 and mobile applications. Microsoft recently announced that it intends to correct the problem… by eliminating it completely.

The novelty can be seen in the FAQs of the service, at least in the English version (this also exists in others languages, but it is only an automatic translation). The company explains that access through Facebook will no longer be available in January 2018, so it will be necessary to have a Microsoft account.

skype image

Microsoft wants to make it easier to sign in to its services

According to Microsoft, this change will facilitate the login process for all your services, which are becoming more and more widespread. All you need is a single username and password to have the entire ecosystem, including Office, OneDrive, Skype, Outlook, OneNote and more.

The page we have linked to you above includes some procedures to simplify the migration of your account, for those who are concerned about losing contacts, chat or call logs. Under certain circumstances, you can continue to use Skype without interruption and without loss of any data.


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