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Soula WA Lite Version 5.80.11 now available

19th November 2018

We can now download the latest version of Soula WA Lite, version 5.80.11. This is an update that we could consider important, as it comes with many new features, some of them not yet seen in any other WhatsApp Mod, and that will surely very soon all copy, or at least should.

Its new base is version 2.18.341, (still no WhatsApp Mod has used such an advanced version), thanks to which Soula WA Lite incorporates features that we could already enjoy in the stable version of WhatsApp for Android, such as group calls, PiP mode, scroll to answer, forwarding tags and the desired Stickers.

Soula WA Lite

Other news in Soula WA Lite 5.80.11

Not only have new features been added thanks to the base, some exclusive features have also been added, such as Anti-Deletion of States, a feature that is only available in this WhatsApp Mod, ahead of everyone else, who will surely add it very soon.

Soula WA Lite

The new features of Soula WA Lite 5.80.11 are:

  • New Base Updated to 2.18.341
  • Added Option to Block Calls with/without Showing Ringing to Opp Person.(thanks GbMods)
  • Show Blue ticks after reply (thanks B58Mods & YoMods)
  • Added DarkTheme For Custom privacy
  • Added Anti-Delete status
  • Added Option to Fix Old UI space bug
  • Ability to change lite settings style (4 Styles)
  • Ability to change Status Style Row (3 Styles)
  • Added Option to Reset All Options to default
  • Enabled Stickers
  • Enabled Swipe To Reply
  • Enabled Group Calls
  • Enabled PiP
  • Enabled Forwarded messages label
  • Increased Forward Limit for Indian Users
  • Increased Multicast to 100
  • Added Option to share Soula WA Lite with your friends
  • Fixed launcher icon Changer
  • Many Other Fixes

Download Soula WA Lite

Soula WA Lite has two installation packages: the com.whatsapp package, with which we can install it as the main WhatsApp number, and the com.soula2 package, with which we can install this WhatsApp Mod as a secondary WhatsApp number (you will need another sim or virtual number).

Soula WA Lite 5.80.11

Before installing Soula WA Lite we recommend that you make a backup of your chats, also if you install it for the first time you must first uninstall the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Mod you have installed, either as a primary or secondary number.

Download Soula WA LiteSoula WA Lite (com.whatsapp) | Soula WA Lite (com.soula2)

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