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Soula WA Lite version 6.20 now available for download

2nd April 2020

The latest version of Soula WA Lite, the new version 6.20, is now available for download. This is an important update, because after having us a long time without updating the application, its developer has included interesting new features.

To start we have to talk about its new base, the stable version 2.20.47 of WhatsApp for Android, so we will have all the news of this stable version, where we will find the famous dark theme of WhatsApp.

Soula WA Lite 6.20

More news in Soula WA Lite 6.20

Besides the new base, Soula WA Lite has also added other very interesting news, like increasing the time we can see the deleted messages and being able to see the states of our contacts that have been deleted, as well as improving their download.

The complete list of new features in Soula WA Lite 6.20 is as follows:

  • New Base Updated to 2.20.47 Stable Base. (GO)
  • Enabled Dark Mode (Stable!).
  • Added Click to Mark Status as Viewed.
  • Enabled Animated Stickers.
  • Increased Delete message time (delete for everyone) to 3 months.
  • Added Option to Reset All Privacy Settings To Default [Open privacy settings and Click on 3 Dots at right Corner and click {reset privacy settings}].
  • Increase Forward limit to 180 chats (USE AT OWN RISK!!!).
  • Added option to Disable “Forward” tag.
  • Know Deleted Status (🚫 next to time).
  • Improved Status Downloader. Now you have two ways :
    • Download status via download button ,
    • Open any Status and Click on 3 Dots at the right Corner then click download
  • Support muted status
  • Added Anti-Delete Status/Story option.
  • Fixed Know which new messages are deleted in chat.
  • Other fixes.

Soula WA Lite

Download Soula WA Lite

To download Soula WA Lite we have two packages; one, com.whatsapp, to install the application as the main number of our WhatsApp account, and the second, com.soula2, to install the application as a secondary number. And remember:

Before installing Soula WA Lite we recommend that you make a backup of your chats, also if you install it for the first time you must first uninstall the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Mod you have installed, either as a primary or secondary number.

Download Soula WA Lite > com.whatsapp | com.soula2

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