Soula WA lite 6.37.2L: Another cool Mini WhatsApp MODs

Soula WA Lite is one of the most popular mini WhatsApp MODs out there, because its developer, Soula, usually gives us high quality modifications, such as his other mini modification WhatsApp GO, considered by many as the best mini modification that exists at this time, along with this one.

One of the main characteristics of Soula’s modifications is that they are 100% original, they are not based on other MODs like Fouad WhatsApp, which makes us look forward to their updates, as they always introduce something new that we will not find in any other WhatsApp MODs.

main image of Soula WA Lite


As it is a Mini MOD WhatsApp, it does not have any personalization options, as is logical, but it does have all the existing privacy options, so we can configure them so that we can enter WhatsApp without being seen by our contacts, being able to see their messages and statuses.

image with the main features of Soula WA Lite

In addition to the privacy options, Soula WA Lite has a lot of extra features that we can use according to our needs, such as the option to mute conversations forever, a feature that will soon be implemented by the official application. The list of its extra features is as follows:

  • More Conversation Mute Options (1 hour, 12 hours, 36 hours, 1 month, forever)
  • Possibility to put 100 conversations on the main screen instead of 3
  • Preventing a notification from appearing while listening to audio recordings
  • Uploading 30-minute videos instead of 30-second videos
  • Restore any message after it has been sent and deleted on all devices
  • Send messages or call a number that we do not have stored in the device
  • Ability to switch between new and old states
  • Ability to send 72 MB videos instead of 16 MB
  • Ability to send audio up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB
  • Ability to send 90 images in batches instead of 10
  • Possibility to send 251 characters instead of 139 characters in the States
  • Ability to click on links in your friends’ status effortlessly.
  • Statistics counter for Groups
  • Ability to hide name and date when copying two or more messages
  • Possibility to copy part of the message
  • Ability to change program appearance, notifications and icon
  • Ability to send high resolution images
  • Many more features

New Soula WA Lite 6.37.2L

This mini WhatsApp mod is not typical in its list of new features, in the mini MODs are usually very short lists, but Soula usually includes many new features in its updates, especially related to the extra functions, in addition to always update the base on which the modification is based.

The complete and official list of new features in Soula WA Lite 6.37.2L is:

  • Version 6.37.2L:
    • New Base Updated to (Playstore)
    • Ability To Hide Chats (Select any chat and Click on 3 Dots at right Corner and click Hide)
    • Added All SOULA WA LITE v6.00 features
    • Change the view of privacy options (such GB WhatsApp)
    • Ability to change style of dnd Icon [on – off]
    • Improved Clean WhatsApp Files (Now you can manage your WhatsApp Files ( Images , Voices Etc..))..
    • Added Group Description in Header Like Status
    • Improved Ability To Send Message to Unsaved Numbers by Dialer (Like Old GB)
    • More Security options added for you 🥰
    • Ability to Disable Play voice automatically
    • Added Tenor/Giphy GIF provider
    • Added read whatsapp.log (See who changed his profile pic – Status – Online)
    • Added show Toast When Anyone Views your Status/Story
    • Added show toast contact online (to know who has become connected)
    • Added Option to Theme Toasts
    • Added show Toast whenever any contact changes a Profile Pic
    • Added Option to set duration for Toast
    • Added option to change the position of Contact Online Toast
    • More options for toast feature
    • Added option to disable battery optimizations for SOULA WA LITE
    • Group calls now support picture-in-picture mode for easier multitasking.
    • The attachment menu has been updated to include refreshed icons and add back the camera shortcut
    • A lot of things , Too long to write (Discover it yourself)
  • Version 6.20:
    • New Base Updated to 2.20.47 Stable Base. (GO)
    • Enabled Dark Mode (Stable!).
    • Added Click to Mark Status as Viewed.
    • Enabled Animated Stickers.
    • Increased Delete message time (delete for everyone) to 3 months.
    • Added Option to Reset All Privacy Settings To Default [Open privacy settings and Click on 3 Dots at right Corner and click {reset privacy settings}].
    • Increase Forward limit to 180 chats (USE AT OWN RISK!!!).
    • Added option to Disable “Forward” tag.
    • Know Deleted Status (🚫 next to time).
    • Improved Status Downloader. Now you have two ways :
      • Download status via download button ,
      • Open any Status and Click on 3 Dots at the right Corner then click download
    • Support muted status
    • Added Anti-Delete Status/Story option.
    • Fixed Know which new messages are deleted in chat.
    • Other fixes.

How to Install or Update

If you are installing Soula WA Lite for the first time, then you have to follow a series of simple steps to make everything work properly. The steps to follow are the following:

  1. The first and most important thing is to back up locally, not on Google Drive. To do this go to Settings > Chats > Backup” and click on “Save”.
  2. Now you have to uninstall any WhatsApp or modification that you have installed in the number where you want to install Soula WA Lite.
  3. If you don’t have it activated yet, activate the option to install applications from unknown sources from the security settings of your Android device.
  4. Download the package that suits you best and click on it (at the end of the article there are the download links).
  5. Once the phone number has been verified, restore the backup, which will be automatically detected.
  6. Add your name or nickname and you’re done.

If you want to update Soula WA Lite, the steps to follow are easier. Simply download the same package you have installed and click on it, without having to uninstall or verify anything.

Download Soula WA Lite

To download Soula WA Lite, in its last version of 2020, its developer has made available to us 2 installation packages; the package com.whatsapp we will use to install the modification as our main WhatsApp account number, while the package com.soula2 we will use to install as an extra number.

image with the latest Soula WA Lite 6.37.2L

Below are the direct links to download the application:

Download Soula WA Lite 6.37.2L > com.whatsapp | com.soula2 (coming soon)