Space Angel for Android and iOS: brutally addictive (and difficult)

Space Angel for Android and iOS is one of the best games developed by an independent studio that I have played lately. A casual game, set in space, that engages us from the first touch on the screen of our device, with some graphics and retro sounds very successful.

The mechanics of the game is really simple, we simply have to touch the screen so that the main character, an astronaut, climbs upwards, or stop touching the screen so that it descends, taking care not to go up or down too much, as a laser from an enemy ship would kill us.

Space Angel image

Space Angel is simply great

During the game we will encounter thousands of Martian enemies, which we must avoid, and which may even shoot at us. We must also avoid the meteors and missiles, which will destroy everything in their path. And of course, power-ups that will help us on our way, even surprise power-ups, which can give us any power, or harm us.

Space Angel

Space Angel is a free game, without integrated purchases or uncomfortable ads like videos for rewards and so on, it will only show us a small banner at the top of the screen once the game is over, which goes totally unnoticed. Without a doubt, a highly recommendable game.

Download Space Angel > Google Play (Android) | App Store (iOS)