Telegram is updated to version 4.6 with many, many new features

Telegram has just updated the new version 4.6, both for Android and iOS, with many interesting new features, taking an important step in terms of usability and optimization with other services, in addition to adding full support for the MTProto 2.0 security protocol, making the application even more secure.

Among the most noteworthy changes is the improvement regarding automatic downloading of content, being able to find more settings to configure automatic downloading of content, now we can select what we want to download automatically and what we don’t, which will be really good to save data.

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Telegram Outstandingly Improves Automatic Downloading

To set up automatic download go to “Menu > Settings > Data and Storage”. As you can see in the screenshot below, we will be able to select whether or not to activate it, in addition to being able to select between photos, voice messages, video messages, videos, files, music or GIF. And in each of them we can select what to download or not with mobile data, with Wifi connection or with data roaming. It’s really fantastic what allows us to manage this new option

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Another improvement is the integration with third-party applications and multimedia content. Now previews of publications links on Instagram and Twitter, in addition to secret chats, support albums, i. e. if they have multiple photos, they will now display all items as an album.

There are still more improvements in Telegram

Channels also receive their share of improvement is this new update of Telegram, and that is that an plug-in HTML widget is added to show messages from channels and public groups that will be available when you see t. me links from messages in web browsers. In addition, from “Settings > Privacy and security” the option to use only P2P for calls with contacts has been added.

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Finally, it should be noted that if you use Telegram for iPhone, in addition to all the novelties already mentioned, a new option has been added when reading a message, and that is that if we slide the message to the left we can respond quickly. Unexpected shutdowns in iOS 6 have also been resolved.

List of News Telegram 4.6

  • New granular settings for auto-downloading media and saving incoming photos.
  • Link previews for Instagram posts and tweets with multiple photos will now show all the media as an album.
  • Embeddable HTML-widget for messages in public channels and groups (available when viewing links to messages in web-browsers).
  • Added support for albums to Secret Chats.
  • Added full support for MTProto 2.0.
  • Added option to only use p2p in calls with contacts (Privacy & Security Settings).
  • Greatly increased startup speed and the overall speed of the app.
  • Fixed issue with the app crashing on iOS 6. (only iOS)
  • Swipe left on any message to reply to it. (only iOS)

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