Telegram X updates its Beta with lots of new features

Telegram X, the alternative Telegram client that focuses on fluidity, immediacy of use and quality animations, has recently been updated in the beta version of Android, reaching the version identified as

In this latest release the development team seems to have done a great job, making many corrections and improvements, as well as paying special attention to GIF images. With Telegram X Beta v., it is possible to display animated GIFs in high resolution, and at full speed, in full screen and preview mode, and it is also possible to exploit the Rewind and Restart functions of the same GIFs when in full screen mode.

image Telegram X

Changelog Telegram X Beta

The new features introduced in this new version of Telegram X are as follows:

  • View high-res GIFs at full speed without downscale in full-screen viewer (when you tap on a GIF) and in previews (when you hold it in GIFs tab)
  • Pause/play button when you play videos or GIFs
  • “Silent Broadcast” setting in channels is now synchronized across all devices
  • GIFs & Voice tabs in Profiles
  • Rewind & restart GIFs in full-screen viewer
  • Updated libtgvoip
  • Improved: Animation when you open media viewer
  • Improved: Color of the “Disconect All Websites” button
  • Improved: Style of “Reset Notification Settings” pop-up
  • Improved: Color of the slider in media viewer
  • Improved: Animation of the PiP play/pause button
  • Improved: GIFs playback stops when playing video or specific GIF in fullscreen mode for battery saving and playback performance
  • Fixed: Photos, videos and GIFs previews on SGS devices
  • Fixed: “Mark as Read” button displays when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed: Three-dot menu in sticker set pop-up
  • Fixed: Voice playback when playing through earpiece is set to “Always”
  • Fixed: “Create Link” in Media Captions
  • Fixed: Volume up/down work not properly after completing playing voice message through earpiece

If you are curious, you can try the latest beta version of Telegram X by downloading the application from APK Mirror or by subscribing to the trial program on Google Play Store.

Download Telegram XGoogle Play | APK Mirror


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