The so-called OnePlus 7 without notch shown in a “leaked” image

Although it still takes some time to see it on the market, there has already begun to talk seriously about OnePlus 7. A few hours ago a photo appeared online showing what could be the next top range of OnePlus, along with the current 6T.

In the photo, both smartphones are housed in boxes so you can partially hide their identity. This practice cannot cover the OnePlus 7 display without notches if leaks are confirmed.

One Plus 7 image

One Plus 7 with retractable camera?

Therefore, the authenticity of the photo must be confirmed. While OnePlus could, as usual, take the form factor of an Oppo smartphone, Find X, and then adopt a retractable camera, at the same time it is difficult to think that the Chinese company can really point to a similar solution with its next flagship device.

Another detail visible in the photo is the presence of the slider that OnePlus has been using for a long time to set the silent mode on their smartphones. While from the software point of view there is little to say. OxygenOS does not have excessive graphical customizations, but in this so-called OnePlus 7 is the typical widget of the Chinese manufacturer.