Tinder launches Super Likeable for more interaction

If Tinder works for a reason, it’s because of the interaction created between the users of this dating application in order to find the perfect couple or simply a person with whom to have a good time. Now that game among the users will be increased thanks to a new mode they have called Super Likeable and that will be a surprise for everyone who gets into it.

And we say surprise because these Super Likeable are just that, a surprise mode that will occur while we are interacting with other users. It is a card in which four users of the service are present and that the application chooses to show using as reference our history of rejections or acceptances that we have had with other users. Of those four people proposed by the application, we will have to choose one in particular.

image Super Likeable of Tinder

Tinder’s Super Likeables

Tinder users who enter this game will get a free Super Likeable to be able to send one of those people who have been exposed to us, plus we must use it, or it will be lost forever. Using this new mode, according to those responsible for the application, we increase up to three times the possibilities of knowing someone ideal.

If we have a free Tinder account, we are entitled to one of these Super Likeable, but if we have a payment account, we can have up to five. All this is controlled by an artificial intelligence system that at the moment the application is testing in several cities in the United States, but at the moment there are no details of when it will arrive in the European market.


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