Tinder wants us to be closer to Instagram and Spotify

The fact that services such as Tinder are increasingly being linked or integrated into others is becoming more and more common, or at least large companies are working to make it so. This is now the case of the great platform to link that will join forces with two other great services such as Instagram and Spotify so that we do not lose sight of our matches.

Apparently, Tinder is working right now to make the flirting application integrate in some way with Instagram and Spotify. If the user connects their accounts in the different services, they will be able to see the new photos and post in their Instagram profile as well as the new songs and artists top of the matches we have in the ligoteo application. This function is called Feed.

tinder feed image

Tinder joins Instagram and Spotify thanks to Feed

This new feature, which for the moment seems to be called Feed, is intended to give users’ matches more vigilance with a new visual and interactive experience. With more information to feed the conversations we have with our suitors. This according to one of Tinder’s people in charge.

tinder image

You can also make comments on any of the posts in the Feed, and your matches can comment on your photos of Tinder even if we have not connected the Instagram or Spotify account. The new feature is currently being tested in countries like Canada, New Zealand or Australia. If she can get people hooked, we’re sure to see her across Europe in no time.


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