Twitter will allow tweetstorms, threads of tuits

For those who are used to using Twitter compulsively, the new feature that’s coming is perhaps one of the most beautiful novelties of recent times. In the 140 social characters – sorry, 280 now – it will soon be possible to write a series of connected tweets that can be displayed in a single conversation, to expand one’s own thoughts beyond the limits of the one tweet.

The new “threads” represent the natural evolution of what experts call tweetstorm, which is the custom of sending many tweets one after another to continue the same speech. This way, using the “+” button in the message composition box, you can type in more tweets and send them all together once the story is complete, and you no longer have to respond to the previous ones.

image Twitter

Tweetstorm will arrive in the next few weeks

Writing texts that are too long, in addition to being divided into several tweets, may not be the most appropriate way to use a communication medium such as Twitter, but this new tool will be very convenient for those who cannot limit themselves.

The new feature will come in the coming weeks for both Android and iOS and the web client, so get ready to read longer and more complex stories as soon as your contacts notice it.

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