Vine 2, the developer announces the start of work

Do you remember Vine? The social network focused on creating six-second films could return after the abrupt halt announced earlier this year with the transformation to Vine Camera. The confirmation comes directly from Dom Hofmann, the developer and founder of Vine who, through a series of tweets, has announced that he is working on the second version of the popular application.

Unfortunately, in addition to the possible new logo, Dom has not published any information about the functionality of Vine 2. All that is known, for the moment, is that Vine 2, financed directly by the developer, is the result of an external project that does not prevent you from working in your current company, Interspace.

image Vine 2

Vine 2, just the logo?

We don’t know if Dom has done all this to find out that such a welcome would once again have its application and so start developing it, or is he really determined to develop Vine 2. These are the tweets published in the last few weeks with which Dom has put us all on alert.

All we have to do is wait for the next few weeks to find out what news will be included in the second version of Vine.


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