Vivo: First Render of a smartphone with a revolutionary design

Vivo has left behind a 2018 very intense and full of novelties in the smartphone segment. This manufacturer, still little known in Europe, was in fact the first to launch a smartphone with sensor for fingerprint recognition on the display – Vivo X20 Plus UD – and one of the first to launch a full screen device with Vivo Nex S and Vivo Nex A.

Vivo Nex Dual was the last innovation introduced in December, a device characterized by a second screen on the back, which is used, for example, to take self-esteem. All products are especially well designed and very original, which has undoubtedly attracted attention to this brand.


What Vivo will present

So, what will Vivo reserve for 2019? According to a first series of images and news published by the IceUniverse filter, the manufacturer is already working on a new smartphone with a unique design and never seen before.

Vivo: First Render of a smartphone with a revolutionary design 1

The Waterdrop must be its code name: the reverse (see photo above) is characterized by its smooth lines, especially the rounded edges and a slight arcing that almost brings us to the days of the iPhone 3GS.

Looking at the side parts there seems to be no trace of hardware buttons or other types of ports, the revolution mentioned by IceUniverse could also affect this aspect. At the moment we can’t add more, and with CES 2019 in full swing Vivo is more likely to be able to book a dedicated event, starting with the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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