WAMOD is back, the best WhatsApp Mod

One of the best news for WhatsApp MODs lovers is the return of WAMOD, formerly known as WhatsAppMD, certainly great news for all users who like to have more features and extra customization in WhatsApp for Android.

Its author, Brian Valente, left some time ago to give support to the application, we do not know exactly if it was due to pressures from WhatsApp, boredom, lack of time or motivation. The news is that it has decided to give a second chance to this incredible WhatsApp MOD, and the first images are very hopeful.

WAMOD 2.0 image

WAMOD 2.0 is here

Just a few days ago Brian started to develop the new WAMOD 2.0, and as you can see in the screenshot above, is giving a lot of importance to the WhatsApp Status, putting them on top of everything in the main screen, so that we can scroll horizontally over them and press the one we want to see, reproducing in this way the State of our contact.

Personally I think it’s a fantastic design, and more so now that WhatsApp status are becoming more and more fashionable. It should also be borne in mind that this is still an alpha version, so many things can still change.


Download WAMOD 2.0

This Alpha version of WAMOD still contains quite a few bugs, like the appearance of a black square instead of your photo in the Stories if you didn’t upload any or the icon of some stories fail to load, but if you want to try it we leave the download link just below. If you have never installed MODs before, wait until at least one Beta version is released.

Download WAMOD 2.0 Alpha 6 | APK


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