WhatsApp Aero 8.80: The World’s Most Customizable MOD (and cool)

WhatsApp Aero is one of the best and most popular modifications that exist, and is that its developer has managed to turn it into the most customizable modification that exists, with hundreds of options with which we will be able to touch up every last visual detail of the application.

Like the vast majority of WhatsApp MODs available today, this modification is also based on Fouad WhatsApp, so it inherits all the features it has, but also adds many new options, both customization and extra features.

WhatsApp Aero


As soon as we enter WhatsApp Aero we realize that the application is different from the others, and that to be able to navigate through chats, states or calls, we will not find tabs, but we will have to slide the screen left or right to access the different options.

WhatsApp Aero Features images

The main features that we can find in WhatsApp Aero are

  • Privacy: You can hide your blue tick, 2nd tick, online information, statuses, listening to sent audio files, “recording…”, “writing…”.
  • Mightiness: With the ability to prevent messages from being deleted, even if people receive their messages back, they will not be deleted from you.
  • Themes: WP Aero, which hosts over 3000 themes, you can instantly download the theme you want or you can make your own themes professionally.
  • Logs: Find out who’s been online & offline, who changed their profile picture and status.
  • Enhanced Media: WP Aero lets you share up to 700 MB of video and 50 MB of pictures.
  • Lock: WP Aero lets you take advantage of enhanced locking options to keep your chats secure until fingerprints.
  • Customize: WP Aero has more fonts, bubble styles, tick styles and various personalizations than any other WP mods.
  • Support: You can find immediate answers to your questions and offer suggestions from our Telegram group and WP Support number. The required details can be found in WP Aero > Support.
  • Aero Widget: Thanks to this widget that comes with WP Aero, you can access the Aero Mod page and profile without entering WP, make yourself online & offline, see your status and name.
  • Emojis: You can choose between stock WP Emojis, Facebook Emojis, Emoji One V3 Emojis, Android Nougat Emojis and Android Oreo Emojis.
  • Languages: WP Aero; It supports Turkish, Azerbaijani, Arabic, English, Español, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Indonesian, Marathi, Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Media Hiding: With WP Aero, you can hide all incoming and outgoing videos, pictures, and GIF files from your gallery, and view them only from WP.

News on WhatsApp Aero 8.80

In addition to what’s new in the application base, which is version, and in Fouad WhatsApp, the developer of WA Aero often adds a lot more new features with each update, and this is the change that adds the most new features, as you can see from the huge list of new features.

WhatsApp Aero 8.80 image

The complete official WhatsApp Aero 8.80 release list is:

  • Version 8.80:
    • Base updated to
    • Added new options to download story (copy caption, share, save).
    • Improved – Aero Themes Store Dark/Light mode automatically.
    • Added option to hide privacy terms notice message (Aero Privileges > Universal > Settings > Hide privacy agreement message). You can hide it without accepting.
    • RE-Added ability to save profile picture.
    • Added OneUI – V2, OneUI – V3, OneUI – V4 to Advanced home screen styles.
    • Added new notification icons in WhatsApp Aero.
    • Added Aero – Special Design 2 to Aero mods designs.
    • Added custom icons option for some icons in WhatsApp Aero.
    • Added option to change fast scroll icon (Aero Privileges > Conversation Screen > Conversation Entry Style > Select fast scroll icon).
    • Added option to change fast scroll icon for group mentions (Aero Privileges > Conversation Screen > Conversation Entry Style > Select mention fast scroll icon).
    • Added option to change color for fast scroll icon (Aero Privileges > Conversation Screen > Conversation Entry Style > Fast scroll icon color).
    • Added option to change color for group mention fast scroll icon (Aero Privileges > Conversation Screen > Conversation Entry Style > Mention fast scroll icon color).
    • Added option to change color for search icon on search bar (Aero Privileges > Home screen > Header > Search icon color).
    • Added option to change color for close icon on search bar (Aero Privileges > Home screen > Header > Close icon color).
    • Added option to change color for search text on search bar (Aero Privileges > Home screen > Header > “Search” text color).
    • Added option enable/disable blur effect (Aero Privileges > Home screen > Blur effect enabled).
    • Updated translations in WhatsApp Aero.
    • Fixed click to copy caption feature bug.
    • Fixed shop items crash.
    •  Fixed contact name not showing clearly in caption mention.
    •  Fixed themes wallpaper not applying on some phones.
    • Fixed AERO entry not taking background color.
    • Fixed full backup not working on Android 11+.
    • Fixed contacts list not showing on some phones.
    • Fixed status splitter crash on some phones.
    • Fixed FM Designs bubble color.
    • Misc many other fixes and improvements.
  • Version 8.70:
    • Added voice changer for voice notes (Chat > 3-dot > Voice Changer). Record voice note and send.
    • Added preview and confirm before sending sticker (Aero Privileges > Conversation).
    • Added option to delete downloaded emojis packs.
    • Added “FM Design – Aero IOS X 2” to advanced home screen styles.
    • Added “iOS top text color” and “iOS Fab icon color” options for designs like “FM Design – Aero IOS X 2”.
    • Added counter for archived chats in WhatsApp Aero.
    • Added color options for the archived chats counter.
    • Added gradient color option to some color options.
    • All advanced home screen styles have been optimized. All unnecessary resource consuming code has been cleaned and edited.
    • You no longer need to change dozens of options to change the home screen style. A lot of things will happen automatically:
      • Bad looking top space auto closes.
      • The tab underline color is hidden or shown according to the selected home screen style.
      • Tab texts is hidden or shown according to the selected home screen style.
      • No need to make extra settings on FAB button for each home screen style.
      • No more crashes when separating groups and chats.
    • And many other things happen automatically in the background without the need for any extra adjustments. Everything is much simpler now.
    • Spanish language updated by Maydroid.
    • Azerbaijani language updated by İsmət Sadıqov and TA5KE – Erkan ÇAĞLAR.
    • Portuguese language updated by Vinny Lima (VL).
    • Fixed slow messages sending in groups.
    • Fixed bugs in some advanced home screen styles.
    • The default theme is set as the original WhatsApp theme.
    • The locations of various color options and the color options of some designs have been changed. Therefore, you may need to edit the theme you are using.
    • Misc many other fixes and improvements.
  • Version 8.61:
    • Added gradient background color option for home tabs (not for all).
    • Added blur effect for home tabs (not for all).
    • Added profile details design option ( WhatsApp Aero Privileges > Conversation Screen > Profile details design ).
    • Added 4 new style option for profile details designs.
    • Mandatory update screen has been improved. It is now more user friendly. It directs you to download WhatsApp Aero with the correct package name so that you do not lose your messages and other data. You can also access WhatsApp or Aero settings directly with other buttons even from the mandatory update screen, then you can take a backup.
    • Fixed bugs in some advanced home screen styles.
    • Misc many other fixes and improvements.
  • Version 8.60:
    • Base updated to
    • Added mention mark in WhatsApp Aero.
    • Added Online/Offline Dot.
    • Added rich customization options for Online/Offline Dot:
      • Added option to change main color.
      • Added option to change 2. outer color.
      • Added option to change 3. outer color.
      • Added swipe right option.
      • Added swipe left option.
      • Added swipe bottom option.
      • Added swipe top option.
      • Added change the dot size option.
    • Added rich customization options for Archived row:
      • Added option to hide Archived row.
      • Added option to change background color for Archived row.
      • Added option to change icon color for Archived row.
      • Added option to change text color for Archived row.
    • Added blue tick on reply for groups (it is automatically enabled with normal blue tick on reply option).
    • Added load theme from ZIP file.
    • Added click on status caption to copy.
    • Added new UI for copy selection of text from message bubble (Highlight Bubble > 3 dots > Copy Selection).
    • Added advanced search.
    • Added new Custom Wallpaper UI.
    • Added new entry styles in WhatsApp Aero.
    • Added new fonts.
    • Re-Added option to increase forward limit to 250 (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK).
    • Re-Added hide recent chats option.
    • Re-Added hide other contacts option.
    • Re-Added hide frequently contacted option.
    • Optimized all advanced home screen styles. You no longer need to use FAB fixes.
    • Fixed GoPrime advanced home screen style bugs.
    • Fixed random crashes when messaging groups.
    • Fixed sending messages in groups take long time.
    • Fixed blue tick on reply crashes.
    • Fixed swipe row crash.
    • Fixed reset preferences now also resets default wallpaper.
    • Fixed crash using status splitter on some phones (not all).
    • Fixed new menu now closes automatically.
    • Fixed the issue where the modding screen disappears when background picture is active on some home screen styles.
    • Fixed quick contact styles bugs.
    • Misc many other fixes and improvements.
  • Version 8.51:
    • Added contact photo border color for some conversation rows.
    • Fixed some conversation row bugs.
    • Fixed some crashes
  • Version 8.50:
    • Added new attachment picker.
    • Added option to enable/disable new attachment UI (Aero Privileges > Conversation Screen > Conversation Entry Style >> Enable new attachment picker UI)
    • Added animation to new attachment UI.
    • Added 5 entry styles.
    • Added 16 bubble styles.
    • Added 14 tick styles.
    • Added option to change “typing…” color for home screen.
    • Added FAB fixes for ONE UI.
    • Fixed One UI rotate issue.
    • Fixed “Room” option in new attachment UI. If FB Messenger is not installed, the icon will switch to Camera.
    • Fixed status tab has number. Changed to dot only.
    • Fixed unread counter issue (ex. calls).
    • Fixed custom wallpaper.
    • Fixed Aero Prime V7 home screen style crash.
    • Fixed location attachment crash.
    • Removed “increase forward limit to 250” option (due to ban problem).
  • Version 8.40 Beta:
    • Auto Message Reply
    • Scheduled Message Send
    • Bombing
  • Version 8.40:
    • Base updated to
    • Added exclusive One UI design.
    • Added new default theme (Light/Night).
    • Added new styles for IG Story.
    • Added new UI for adding a status from IG Story.
    • Added new UI design for Bottom Bar Styles.
    • Added new UI for activating options (airplane mode, light/night mode).
    • Added animate name in header when it is too long.
    • Added animate airplane icon when turned ON to alert you.
    • Added color options for IG Story elements.
    • Fixed contact pic not showing when sending media in groups.
    • Fixed airplane and Light/Night mode icon not hiding in groups tab.
    • Fixed bottom bar styles not working correctly RTL.
    • Translations updated.
    • Added new fix options to home mods.
    • Fixed story view notification.
    • NOTE In-conversations translate feature now requires (Google Translate) App to be installed.
    • Fixed messages delay.
    • Fixed group tab unread counter flickering.
    • Fixed broadcast icon not showing on broadcast messages.
    • Fixed hide Blue microphone not working.
    • Fixed status Seen/Unseen color not working in Status page.
    • Fixed hide view status in Custom Privacy.
    • Fixed crash when setting wallpaper in Chat/Group

How to Install or Update

If you have never installed a modification or want to install WhatsApp Aero on your Android device for the first time, we recommend following the installation steps below:

  1. Back up your chats, but not on Google Drive. Go to “Settings > Chats > Backup” and click “Save”.
  2. Uninstall WhatsApp or the modification you have installed on the number where you want to install WA Aero.
  3. Enable the option to install applications from unknown sources. This option is usually located under “Phone Settings > Security”.
  4. Download the package or APK you want to install and click on it to start the installation.
  5. Do not click on restore until you have verified your number.
  6. After verifying and restoring, just enter your name or nickname and you’re done.
  7. WhatsApp Aero is already installed!!!

If you already have the MOD installed and you want to update WhatsApp Aero to the latest version available, then the steps are easier, since you only have to download the same package you have installed and click on it to install it, without deleting anything before or verifying the number again.

Download WhatsApp Aero 2021

As you can see in the links to download WhatsApp Aero 2021, there are 2 different options depending on the icons we prefer, each option with 3 different packages or APK; the package com.whatsapp to install as main number, and the others to install as extra numbers.

Below are the direct links to download the application:

Download WhatsApp Aero 8.80: