WhatsApp and the meaning of color of different hearts

One of the most widely used emoticons within WhatsApp is that of the red heart, which as we all know, and it’s not that instant messaging means love and passion. What very few know, is that the other hearts we can find within the application, and their different colors, also have some special meaning.

In this case, we are convinced that the people at WhatsApp have nothing to do with the colors of hearts either, and it’s because of something that has more to do with popular beliefs or tastes. The fact is that in relation to the color of the chosen heart, we may be saying one thing or another according to many people. It must also be said that this has an important charge of cornyness, but we are talking about love.

image hearts of WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s hearts according to their colors

For many WhatsApp users or other services that use emoticons, the different colors of hearts have these meanings:

  • Yellow Heart: This yellow heart comes to mean for many the unconditional entry of love to another person without any conditions or lies.
  • Green Heart: The green heart means a love that is growing strongly and can therefore cause some kind of envy around you.
  • Red Heart: This one has no greater mystery, and that popular culture over the years has represented passionate and unmeasured love with this symbol of a red heart.
  • Blue Heart: The blue heart represents a sadness because for many people it represents the love that has lasted a long time and is stagnant. It’s a love that’s dying out.
  • Purple Heart: This heart symbolizes a forbidden love that must be hidden since it could cause many problems and ruptures. It’s the heart of furtive lovers.
  • White Heart: With this heart we express a kind of love that moves away from romantic love and has more to do with friendship or even a very rich and satisfying spiritual life.
  • Black Heart: Without a doubt, this black heart is the saddest one we’re going to find in WhatsApp because it means a dead and finished love. It is the loss of the loved one, but not from a physical point of view.

There are other types of hearts in WhatsApp that are not distinguished by their color but rather by their shape. And in all of them we can also find different meanings such as for example:

  • Broken heart: It is evident that this heart symbolizes the love that has been rejected and has left a great pain in another person. It also symbolizes a romantic treachery.
  • Heart on one point: This heart serves to highlight even more a love, and give it a touch more emphasis than normal.
  • Heart vibrating: A heart that symbolizes the resurgence of attraction and passion within a love that has been established for some time.
  • Spinning Hearts: These spinning hearts mean that love is mutual between two people and that each one goes in search of the other over all things.
  • Distanced Hearts: This emoticon represents couples who have had to separate temporarily but whose love remains as strong as the first day.
  • Growing heart: It is clear that this emoji represents the love that has just begun, but without a doubt is growing with each day that passes in a very significant way.
  • Brilliant heart: This heart is that of people who love one another completely flawlessly and who are also very excited about both sides.
  • Heart with a ribbon: This symbol comes to say that someone is willing to give his heart and love as a great gift to another person he loves with passion.
  • Heart with an arrow: This heart is very well known and represents that which is popularly called the “flechazo” and which is a love that has just emerged without warning and by surprise.

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