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WhatsApp B58 Mini: Latest version 12.1

10th July 2018

WhatsApp B58 Mini is the WhatsApp Mods you may be looking for and didn’t even know existed. This is an application that tries to simplify what you can look for in this type of application, oriented only to privacy, adding extra functionality, without customization or other hassles.

This WhatsApp Mods is based on the beta version 2.18.176 of WhatsApp for Android, the only thing is that it does not yet include the possibility of converting groups into channels, where only administrators can send messages, the rest of participants can only read them.

WhatsApp B58 Mini

WhatsApp B58 Mini Advantages

One of the main advantages of WhatsApp B58 Mini is that it is virtually identical to the original WhatsApp, so we can even back up and save it to Google Drive, a feature that almost no WhatsApp Mods have.

It also includes features to change the Privacy settings. To access them we press the menu button (3 points vertically at the top right) from the main chat screen and go to the Privacy option, where we can change any option you want, making that nobody can see us but we can hide blue checks and much more.

WhatsApp B58 Mini v12.1

It also includes an extra option: Open Chat (Menu > New Chat), which allows us to send messages to any number without having to add the recipient as a contact or save them.

WhatsApp B58 Mini v13: Coming Soon

WhatsApp B58 Mini is already preparing its next update, the new version 13, which should arrive in the next days, and whose main novelty will be the support of GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp Themes, as you can see in the screenshot.

WhatsApp B58 Mini v13

What’s New WhatsApp B58 Mini v12.1

  • Based on WhatsApp 2.18.176 web
  • Open chat added.
  • SMS verification fixed.
  • Blue check delay fixed.

Download WhatsApp B58 Mini > WhatsApp B58 Mini (com.whatsapp)

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