WhatsApp B58 Mini updated to version 13

WhatsApp B58 Mini has just been updated to the new version 13, an update with which we will get all the new features of the latest version of WhatsApp for Android on which it is based, right now the beta version 2.18.239, even hidden as stickers or payments.

This is the philosophy of this WhatsApp Mods, not to add new features to the ones you already have (all the ones imaginable in privacy), but to add the new ones that the official version of WhatsApp for Android is incorporating. If you are looking for new features then you should download its big brother: WhatsApp B58.

WhatsApp B58 Mini

WhatsApp B58 Mini Features

As we have already mentioned, WhatsApp B58 Mini has numerous privacy features, where we can change any option we want, making that nobody can see us but we can hide blue checks and much more.

WhatsApp B58 Mini v12.1

It also includes an extra option: Open Chat (Menu > New Chat), to send messages to any number without having to add it to our contacts. In addition, there are all the features that are still hidden in WhatsApp for Android, such as the expected Stickers.

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