WhatsApp Begal 3.0, a new mod with only Privacy

WhatsApp Begal is a practically new modification of WhatsApp, which has seen the light with its latest update, the new version 3.0, adding the features that were missing to compete with other similar mods.

This WhatsApp Mod leaves aside customization to focus completely on Privacy, unlike other more “lious” modifications like WhatsApp Plus, being the perfect starting point for those who start in this world.

WhatsApp Begal

What’s New in WhatsApp Begal 3.0

We have to start with its new base, WhatsApp for Android version 2.19.4 , in which we will find all the functions of this version, as well as others that are still hidden from users.

WhatsApp Begal 3.0, a new mod with only Privacy 1

In addition, new Privacy features have also been added, leaving WhatsApp Begal with all the features of this type that a user may want in this type of applications. The complete list of new features is as follows:

  • Base updated to 2.19.4 Beta
  • Base Compare B58 Mini
  • Feature: Privacy | Blue on Reply | Anti-Revoke | Save Status | etc

Download WhatsApp Begal 3.0

We have 2 packages to install, so if we want to install it as the main number of our WhatsApp account we must download the package com.whatsapp, if we prefer it as an extra number -we will have to have another SIM or virtual number, we have the package com.bglwhatsapp.

WhatsApp Begal 3.0, a new mod with only Privacy 2

Remember to back up your chats before installing, and if you install it for the first time you must first uninstall the WhatsApp or mod you have installed at that number.

Download WhatsApp BegalWB (com.whatsapp) | WB (com.bglwhatsapp)