WhatsApp (beta), the multidevice function is very close

The title says it all, WhatsApp (beta) seems to be very close to the launch of the Linked Devices function, which will eventually allow the account to be used on several devices at the same time.

We have been talking about this possibility for over a year now: the first rumours about it date back to the summer of 2019, but it is only in the last few months that we have managed to get a clearer idea of how it will be introduced into the messaging application.

image of WhatsApp multi-device in operation
The desktop user interface during message synchronisation

Now, however, the launch seems closer than ever: the experts at WABetaInfo, who have followed the development of the functionality throughout the period, are sharing useful information about it with the network.

According to what emerged, the development is now in its final stages and already from the next beta version users can have a preview of the new feature.

All about WhatsApp Multidevice

WhatsApp Multidevice

In short, here is the latest news:

  • How it will work: WhatsApp will offer the possibility to use the same account on 4 devices simultaneously. This means that the end user will not necessarily have to maintain an active connection between the main device and the one on which the new session was created (as is now the case between the Android/iOS application and the desktop/web version). The function can be activated or not directly from an option in the Application Settings. On the same screen you can have an overview of the connected devices, also with a detail of the day and time of the last activity. Once the functionality has been activated and new connections have been established, the source ends, previous sessions will be terminated as they are not compatible with the new technology.
  • Where the development is at: some of the functions associated with the Linked Devices are not yet ready, although according to the source, the most important ones are. Among them are: the possibility of synchronizing the chat history between the different devices, disabling notifications and sending/receiving messages.
  • Launch: at the moment no official distribution date is known. What is certain is that work is underway on the version of WhatsApp for Android the application, although the iOS version could still be included in the final testing phase.