WhatsApp Breaks Its Own New Year Message Record

WhatsApp is already the largest means of communication in the world today, so the figures it achieves on a day as well known around the world as the New Year, are not surprising, no matter how many records the messenger service manages to beat. Although this record is more than 75 billion messages sent.

That is said soon, no less than 75 billion messages sent during the New Year, or rather those moments after the beginning of 2018. This means that WhatsApp is now the most widely used instant messaging service in the Western market. The previous record of sending no less than 63 billion messages in the same period of time has been broken.

WhatsApp Breaks Its Own New Year Message Record 1

WhatsApp fell but sending messages did not

It should also be borne in mind that during last New Year’s Eve, WhatsApp had problems and was down for a while and could not provide service to users for some time. But this did not prevent the sending of no less than 13 billion images and 5 billion videos.

WhatsApp data is devastating, let’s take a look at it. The year 2017 closed with figures that mark 300 million active users per day or 1.3 billion active users every month. A great year ago for the courier service, which surely will not get worse for this new 2018 that has just begun. We’re talking about a winning horse.


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