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WhatsApp for Android: Dark Mode and Swype to Reply Very Soon

15th September 2018

It seems that WhatsApp for Android will finally have a Dark Mode, one of the features most demanded by users of the most used application in the World. According to WaBetaInfo, references to this mode have appeared in the application code, so sooner or later we will be able to enjoy it in our device.

The feature is still under development and there are no captures of its operation, so we do not know how it will be, if you will change the tones to gray or if it will be “OLED friendly” with the use of completely black backgrounds, with greater energy savings in OLED screens.

image whatsapp

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Another new feature that is being worked on inside WhatsApp for Android is the Swype to Reply, a feature that has been on iOS devices for a long time, and that finally seems to be coming to Android as well.

We will still have to wait to be able to enjoy these two new features, which as we have already mentioned are in development, and knowing how long it takes to introduce the sticker, we could still take quite a while to see it in situ in our Android devices.