WhatsApp for Android is updated with many new features

WhatsApp is on the verge of incorporating one feature among its features that is truly long overdue. We are referring to the famous reaction stickers that we are tired of seeing in other courier services such as Telegram or LINE, a company that has exploited them to the fullest.

Now in the latest beta update of WhatsApp for Android, specifically in version 2.17.443, these stickers that messaging users have been waiting for a long time are already hidden. At the moment it’s only preliminary, but they will no doubt soon reach the general public.

image WhatsApp for Android

Stickers are prepared in WhatsApp

Many have already begun to speculate that these stickers that will be brand new instant messaging service are the same ones we can already find on Facebook. But for the moment, as we say, there is no official confirmation of any kind. There are also other novelties that come with the beta update.

We can mention the deletion of the “Show all contacts” option, which has been in place for a long time now, in order to see all our contacts including those that were hidden. In addition, the code also confirms that within a short time group calls will also arrive at WhatsApp, a feature that has been talked about for some time, and also seems to be falling.

WhatsApp for Android 2.17.443 – Internal News

Internally, the WhatsApp installation file for Android gives us quite a bit of information, and that is that the APK file has changed in size, has been reduced by 1852 KB, due mainly to the removal of certain libraries introduced in previous versions and that seem not to have given the expected result.

With this new update, 709 files have been modified, which gives us an idea of the changes that have occurred in this update. In addition, 41 files have been deleted, including the libraries commented previously (libgnust_shared. so, libvlc. so and libwhatsapp. so), in addition to removing 13 icons that you can see in the screenshot below.

image whatsapp

What’s new in this WhatsApp for Android, nothing more and nothing less than 46 added files, among which we find the new reaction stickers already mentioned and that you can see above, besides 10 new icons of phone company logos, what will WhatsApp do with this?

image whatsapp logos

Finally, a new library has been added, libstatic-webp. so, supposedly to compress images with and without loss of quality, in addition to several files related to the new stickers, so very soon we will be able to see them in action, as well as a couple of files related to sending money, another function that we hope to see someday.

Download WhatsApp for Android BETA

It should be remembered that in order to download this Beta update from Google Play, you have to be a WhatsApp Beta Tester beforehand, something that is no longer possible to do, so if we want to have these new features in the application you have to take advantage of APK by other means than the official application store. Here’s a download link: APK Mirror.


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