WhatsApp for Android updates for everyone with many new features

WhatsApp for Android has been updated in Google Play to the new version 2.17.427, a new update that brings us many new features to comment, although if you are one of those who follow us and read our articles on the beta version of WhatsApp, I’m sure you know them all.

Apart from the typical bug fixes and performance enhancements that are introduced in every new update, this new stable version of WhatsApp Android brings up to 7 new features, some of which you’ll love, especially if you’re one of those who has little space on your mobile or use emoji a lot.

Use of Storage

image use storage whatsapp

When you open WhatsApp Settings you will now find a new feature, Storage Usage, with which we can manage the data we have in each chat. We can go there from “Settings > Data & Storage > Storage Usage”.  now in the upper right-hand corner has been added the option Search, with which we can find the chat you want and manage the messages and other data contained in that chat.

New Emojis

image new emojis whatsapp

72 new emojis have been added, introduced since beta version 2.17.381. As you can see in the capture below, up to 9 new yellow face emojis can be added to our conversations, as well as fairies, vampires, zombies, etc. Now the hard part is going to be deciding which one to choose at each moment with so many possibilities.

Redesign of Emojis

image whatsapp red heart

The second most used emoji in the world, the red heart emoji, is given a new design. As you can see in the above caption, its appearance has been changed, being now more rounded, with a more uniform color, without the reflection of the top and with even finer edges. As always, and more so when it comes to emojis, there will be those who like it better and those who like it less now, it is difficult to agree here.

Get Direction

image Get Direction whatsapp

Another novelty that may go unnoticed by many and has arrived in this new version of WhatsApp for Android is that now when a contact is sharing their location in real time we can get their address on Google Maps from the contact’s own contact information on the map. If we click on its icon on the map and click on the information icon again, now we will see that we have the possibility to get the information of its location from Google Maps.

Copy Caption

image Copy Caption whatsapp

Perhaps this is one of the least important novelties in this new update of the application, but I’m sure that someone can find it very practical. We can now copy the caption from a multimedia file sent to us, be it a photo, video or GIF, using the context menu – Copy caption.

Improved Broadcast Lists

image whatsapp Improved Broadcast Lists

Very important novelty for all those who usually use the Broadcast Lists. When you create a broadcast list press the menu button (three vertical points) and click on Broadcast List, you will see that you can now edit the broadcast list with the new “Edit Recipients” button. Previously it was only possible to add contacts, as you can see in the screenshots above.

New Stickers

image New Stickers whatsapp

When we create a new Status in WhatsApp we will now be able to add 2 new dynamic stickers. These are two watches, analog and digital, which will indicate the current time. Also, if you click on them you can change their style, day or night, i. e. darker or white.

As you can see, this new update of the stable and official version of WhatsApp for Android brings quite a lot of interesting news, but if you want to know what the next news will be, don’t miss our news about the beta version of the application, there we will tell you everything that will come in future updates.

The new version 2.17.427 of WhatsApp for Android is available in Google Play, but as always will be deployed progressively, it has been released several days ago. So if you still don’t skip the possibility of updating and want to do so, we also leave you in link of your APK from APKMirror.

Download WhatsApp for Android | Google Play | APKMirror


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