WhatsApp for iPhone is updated to version 2.17.81 with a great new feature

Now available for downloading the new version of WhatsApp for iPhone from the App Store. Specifically, it is version 2.17.81, an update from which we can already enjoy a great novelty that we told you about in the previous version that was implemented but not activated.

This will improve the way you record voice messages. Now we can record longer voice messages much more easily. Just when we’re recording a voice message we have to slide up the icon of the padlock that appears. This way the recording is maintained without having to hold the microphone down, so we can scroll through the chat while recording.

WhatsApp for iPhone image

More news on WhatsApp for iPhone version 2.17.81

Another improvement that appears in the official change log of the App Store, only in the USA, not in others countries, is that when we receive a link to a YouTube video, we can play it directly in WhatsApp. With picture-in-picture (PiP), we can also continue watching the video while navigating to another chat.

This new feature, although included in change log of WhatsApp for iPhone, is not yet available, but implemented, so we’ll have to wait for the next update before we can enjoy it, unless you activate it via server.

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