WhatsApp for iPhone updates to version 2.17.82 with bug fixes

If only a few days ago WhatsApp for iPhone was updated in the App Store, today you just received a new update. Specifically, it is the new version 2.17.82, an update that we might consider minor, since it does not introduce any novelty, but it does correct critical errors in the application.

Perhaps it was an update where we were hoping to find a feature that is already implemented but not activated, such as the possibility that when we receive a link to a YouTube video, we could play it in WhatsApp with picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, and even continue watching the video while navigating to another chat.

WhatsApp for iPhone image

WhatsApp for iPhone 2.17.82 – News

As we have already mentioned, the only novelty is bug fixes, which will come great for many users who are experiencing some kind of bug in WhatsApp. As a curious fact, if in the previous update we could see in the list of changes of the App Store novelty to watch videos Youtube, only in the App Store of USA, now it has been eliminated.

We hope that in the next update of WhatsApp for iPhone, we will be able to announce that YouTube video viewing directly on WhatsApp with PiP mode has been enabled, unless you activate it first per server, which is really difficult because you will want to announce it by updating.

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