WhatsApp for Nokia Asha, download and install

WhatsApp for Nokia Asha makes this phone of the S40 series of the Finnish company, the quicker and easier way to be constantly connected to the people you care about most, like family and friends. And the Nokia Asha phone despite being a low cost phone, has everything you need to get the most out about the instant messaging service number one in the world.

So downloading WhatsApp for Nokia Asha becomes a must if you are one of the lucky owners of any model in the Asha series, and what better way to achieve this than with a simple tutorial, where you can choose the method that suits you best, with steps that are so simple that even a child could carry them out.

WhatsApp for Nokia Asha image

Download and Install WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 201:

  • From the official website of the application:
    • Go to the web browser of your Nokia Asha 201
    • Now Introduce the following address on the address bar: http://www.whatsapp.com/s40/
    • Follow the steps to download the application and install it on your phone.
  • From the Nokia Store:
    • Go to the application of Nokia Store (blue icon Store) in our Nokia Asha 201 and run.
    • Click on the search icon (magnifying glass at the bottom) and search for the term “s40 whatsapp messenger”
    • click on the “WhatsApp S40 Messenger” application
    • Now we must push on install and follow all the steps.

WhatsApp compatible devices for Nokia Asha

The full list of Nokia Asha devices compatible with WhatsApp is as follows:

  • Nokia Asha 201
  • Nokia Asha 206 Single Sim
  • Nokia Asha 300
  • Nokia Asha 302
  • Nokia Asha 303
  • Nokia Asha 306
  • Nokia Asha 308
  • Nokia Asha 309
  • Nokia Asha 310
  • Nokia Asha 311

And remember that all the news and updates related to WhatsApp for Nokia Asha, or what is the same, WhatsApp for Nokia S40, you can find them in our BLOG.