WhatsApp GO 0.21.1L: The best mini modification is updated

WhatsApp GO is without a doubt the best mini WhatsApp MODs that exists, in which the privacy options stand out, all the options imaginable, in addition to some very interesting extra functions that its developer has been including update after update.

Its developer is Soula, creator of another great mini modification of WhatsApp that is still active today, Soula WA Lite, in addition to other modifications that he stopped updating as WhatsApp X or GBWhatsApp Extreme.

WhatsApp GO image


As we have already mentioned, it is a mini modification, so we will not find hundreds of confusing customization options as in other modifications such as Fouad WhatsApp, but we will find the most important modifications as in privacy and other extra functions.

WhatsApp GO Features

Here are the main features that we can find in WhatsApp GO:

  • Based on
  • Anti Ban
  • Privacy mods [hide last seen, hide status view, blue tick, double tick, write, anti-revoke, hide status view, BOR]
  • DND Mod
  • Ability to download states/events
  • Send video with 50MB size instead of 16MB
  • Send 90 images at a time instead of 10
  • Ability to click on links in the chat screen without saving the sender’s number or the group’s admin number
  • Ability to click on links to your friends’ status
  • Hide name and date when copying more than one message
  • Ability to copy the status of friends

Privacy in WhatsApp GO

New on WhatsApp GO 0.21.1L

As it is a mini modification, the new features that we can find in each new update are usually not many, but important, such as the change of base, bug fixes or some new or improved function.

Image with the latest new features of WhatsApp GO 2021 version 0.21.1L

Here is the complete and official list of all the new features of WhatsApp GO 0.21.1L:

  • Version 0.21.1L:
    • New Base Updated to Stable Base.
    • Ability to copy the text in Caption of Status (Click on status caption to copy OR long-press on status caption to select text and copy).
    • Added Calls Blocker Privacy (Now you can choose who can call you with Extra options).
    • Added preview and confirm before sending sticker.
    • Added Custom privacy.
    • Now You can Click on Links in Caption of Status.
    • Added Custom Call Blocker.
    • Added Option to Reset All Privacy Settings To Default.
    • Support languages [ Spanish – (Mexico) – Turkish – Odia (India)].
    • Bugs fixes and speed improvements…
  • Version 0.20.113L:
    • New Base Updated to Stable Base.
    • Chats can now be muted forever instead of only 1 year.
    • Enable disappearing messages feature.
    • Enable all hidden features.
    • Fixed Hide view status
    • Bugs fixes and speed improvements…
  • Version 0.20.67L:
    • New Base Updated to Stable Base
    • Re-design Go Settings to be like Stock Wa (60%)
    • Added backup and restore feature (like titanium backup)
    • Enable all hidden features
    • Added Ability to hide status downloader button.
    • Support languages [ Indonesian – Portuguese {Brazil} – Spanish {Cuba} – Persian – Hindi – Spanish ].
    • Fixed Original Picture size.
    • Fixed pinned chats.
    • Fixed crash app on some devices.
    • Bugs fixes and speed improvements.

How to Install or Update

Before downloading it is important that you read the steps to install WhatsApp GO on your Android device for the first time. Here are the simple steps to follow to install it for the first time:

  1. Back up your conversations from “Settings > Chats > Backup” and click “Save”. Do not attempt to back up to Google Drive, as WhatsApp modifications cannot be backed up.
  2. Uninstall any WhatsApp modifications you have installed on the number where you want to install WhatsApp GO.
  3. Enable the option to install applications from unknown sources. This option is usually located under Phone Settings > Security.
  4. Download the package or APK you want to install, depending on whether you want to install it as your primary or secondary number.
  5. Click on the APK to start the installation and only restore your backup after verifying your number.
  6. Write your nick or name and that’s it.

If you want to update WhatsApp GO then the steps are easier, as you don’t have to uninstall anything. Simply download the same package you have installed and click on it to begin installing the update.

Download WhatsApp GO

There are 2 packages or APK to download WhatsApp GO; the package com.whatsapp must be downloaded to install the application as a main number of WhatsApp, while the package com.wago (available soon) we downloaded to install the application as a secondary or extra number.

Below are the direct download links for both packages:

Download WhatsApp GO 0.21.1L > com.whatsapp | com.wago