WhatsApp Groups: Get Message Notifications with mentions and Dismiss as Admin

WhatsApp may soon receive a new feature that will allow users to quickly find and read only messages in which they are mentioned in a group. The new feature should be available soon with future updates. In the event that you are part of a particularly active group and therefore you do not want to miss a whole day reading each message, the new functionality will allow us to access the message in which we have been mentioned by highlighting it with a special button at the bottom right of the screen.

Similar to what has already been present for some time in Telegram, therefore, a dedicated button will alert us to the presence of messages in which a user of the same group has mentioned us. Once you click, the application will automatically display the message. The new functionality, according to WABetaInfo, has been inserted (and hidden for completeness) in the latest version 2.18.10 of WhatsApp for iPhone.

image notification of mention in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Already Allows Any Administrator to “Dismiss as Admin”

Another new feature that has just arrived at WhatsApp for Android and iOS is the possibility that any administrator can dismiss any other administrator in the group without deleting it. A feature that will bring more than one problem to WhatsApp Groups, since not even the creator is safe.

image "Dismiss as Admin" whatsapp

To conclude, the latest version of WhatsApp for Android BETA, version 2.18.12, already includes the @ icon (group_catchup_scroll. png), so the WhatsApp Group mentions for Android could also be very close to being activated for all users.

Download WhatsApp for Android BETA

It should be remembered that in order to download this Beta update from Google Play, you have to be a WhatsApp Beta Tester beforehand, something that is no longer possible to do, so if we want to have these new features in the application you have to take advantage of APK by other means than the official application store. Here’s a download link: APK Mirror.

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