WhatsApp launches group video calling

Without warning and by surprise, the people at WhatsApp have just launched the beta version of the messaging application with so-called group video calling. A feature much sought after and expected by all users of the messaging service and that is the next step after having implemented video calls about a year ago.

In version 2.18.145 of the latest Android beta of WhatsApp we can now find group video calling that will allow us to talk to multiple users at once through a video conference. The company seems to have activated this feature a few hours ago and is already available to some users, although it remains to be confirmed whether it is reaching everyone in a staggered manner.

image whatsapp

Group video calling within WhatsApp

At the moment it seems that only a small group of users can use these group video calls, although the option is already available in the beta that is available in Google Play. As far as we know, this feature only works if we call another user who has the beta enabled, but it is something that is not very possible right now.

group video calling within WhatsApp

It seems that the operation of these group video calls will be very simple, we will only have to add users to a video call. A mosaic will be formed on the screen with the different contacts we are talking to. We will also have the option to turn off our camera, the microphone, use the rear camera and end the call whenever we want. WhatsApp users on iOS are also seeing this feature coming in version 2.15.52, but it seems that it is also for just a few users. Patience because I’m sure Bree will be available to everyone.


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