WhatsApp Material D2 v1.5 now available for download

We can now download WhatsApp Material D2, also known as WAMD, or WhatsApp MD2 or even RCWAMD2, the latest modification created by the famous Richar Correa, creator of other brilliant WhatsApp MODs such as the mythical RCYoWa. Let’s hope that it will continue its development for a long time to come.

This is a really good WhatsApp MOD, with iOS style, just like Fouad iOS WhatsApp, so if you like the iPhone WhatsApp you will find in this WhatsApp Material D2 just what you were looking for, especially if you install the white theme available.

WhatsApp Material D2


Despite being a very new WhatsApp MOD, we can find all the extra options that we might want in this type of application, such as sending images at maximum resolution or even sending more than 10 images at a time. We can also choose between Tenor or Giphy, increase the forwarding limit, and much more.


Regarding customization, your developer has arranged it so that we can configure each part of the application as we wish, changing colours, fonts and designs. In addition, we can also install themes, but only the themes of the RCWAMD theme channel, like the ones we leave you below.

Chat Room

And as for privacy, we have all the imaginable options, such as freeze last time, hide see status, anti delete status or messages, show blue ticks after reply, hide blue ticks, second tick, blue microphone, writing or recording, etc.

What’s new on WhatsApp Material D2 v1.5

With each new update of WhatsApp Material D2, we will always find something new and exclusive, and that is that its developer stands out precisely for trying to be always original. In addition, we cannot forget the typical bug fixes and performance improvements of each new update.

WhatsApp Material D2 v1.5

The complete list of new features that can be found in WhatsApp Material D2 v1.5 is

  • Version 1.5:
    • [Fixed] Gradient Color in Drawer
    • [Fixed] Maybe Fixed Blurred icons for some users
    • [Fixed] Online view appears after activating freeze last time
    • [Fixed] Hide icon Mode Night/day
    • [Fixed] String for lenguage English
    • [Fixed] Margin error for home Meesenger google /stories Concept V2
    • [Fixed] Others Small BUGS more
  • Version 1.0:
    • [Base] Version
    • [Added] New Designs Home
    • [Added] iOS and Material Design in Only one APK Now
    • [Added] Fragment Settings in the Home
    • [Added] Drawer in 3 Designs
    • [Added] Added Dot Online/Offline in Row Conversations
    • [Added] Added New Fragment About WaMD
    • [Added] New Attachment Styles
    • [ReAdded] Entry Input Conversations Version 7.90 But more Awesome
    • [Added] Added Bottom Dialog for Quick Options-New status-new Message-New Call and set Wallpaper in Home and More.
    • [Added] New Design fragment Profile user
    • [Added] New Design style Conversations Rows
    • [Added] New Design Action Bar in Conversations
    • [Change] Change All Icon to Material Design.
    • [Added] Added Blur Effect in Drawer
    • [Added] Search Bar in Home
    • [Added] New Design YoSetting
    • [Added] iOS New Home IOS is design Concept Make For me
    • [Added] Added Counter Chats In Conversation Action Bar
    • [Added] New fab Google messenger (Fab Extended)
    • [Added] New Tabs More Awesome make For RC
    • [Added] New Options in Toolbar Home.
    • [Misc] And much more, find out for yourself

How to Install or Update

As with other WhatsApp MODs, if we want to install WhatsApp Material D2 without any problems, we must follow a series of steps:

  1. Make a backup (Settings > Chats > Backup and click on “Save”.)
  2. Uninstall the WhatsApp or modification installed
  3. Activate “Install from Unknown Sources” or “Unknown Sources”, from Phone settings > Security.
  4. Download APK
  5. Click on APK and verify number and give permission. If Play Protect detects them, it is by the Personalized Signature, click on ” INSTALL ALL FORMS
  6. When the installation is finished, click on NEVER when the app asks for the backup frequency on Google Drive.

To update WhatsApp Material D2 the steps to follow are easier, simply download the same package of the modification you have installed and click on it to install it. You don’t have to check numbers or anything like that, but it’s advisable to back up your chats first.

Download WhatsApp Material D2

To download WhatsApp Material D2 your developer has released 2 packages; the com.whatsapp package, which we will download if we want to install the modification as our main WhatsApp account number, and the com.yowhatsapp package, used to install as an extra number.

Below are the download links for the latest version 1.5:

Download WhatsApp Material D2 v1.5 > com.whatsapp | com.yowhatsapp

Download Themes > White Theme | Dark Theme