WhatsApp Mix is updated to the new version 8.70

WhatsApp Mix, known to some as MixWhatsApp, is one of the most complete WhatsApp MODs available today, from which we can find all the features of this type of application, such as privacy, customisation and extra functions.

As its name suggests, WhatsApp Mix is a mixture of several applications at once, firstly from the original WhatsApp for Android, from which it takes its base, secondly from Fouad WhatsApp, from which it inherits all its functions, and thirdly from the exclusive functions that its developer adds.

WhatsApp Mix

What’s new in MixWhatsApp 8.70

There are many new features in the latest version 8.70. To start with, all the new features added in the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp, where we must highlight the new base of the application, version of WhatsApp for Android.

WhatsApp Mix 8.70 image

The rest of the new features are exclusive to WhatsApp Mix 8.70 and are as follows

  • Version 8.70:
    • [Misc] Corrections and improvements
  • Version 8.66:
    • [Added] Added cards
    • [Added] Delete Messages after 11 Hours.
    • [Added] 3D transition effects
    • [Added] Anti expired
  • Version 8.65:
    • [Base] Updated Base
    • [Added] Boom Tex (message bomb)
    • [Added] Hide Archive chat
    • [Added] Snow Effects
    • [Added] Transition effects when sliding the chats
    • [Added]Quick Contact on the main screen
    • [Added] Change Sounds Manually(sent, received, etc)
  • Version 8.47:
    • [Base] Updated Base
    • [Added] New transition effect when sliding the chats
    • [Added] Default quick contact style
    • [Added] hide archived chat
    • [Added] New BoomText
    • [Added] New Main Screen Styles Ui, Ios, bubble, etc
    • [Added] New UI Style
    • [Added] Enable Chats/Groups separate without IG Stories
    • [Fixed] Messages Delay
    • [Fixed] Group tab unread counter flickering
    • [Fixed] Broadcast icon not showing on broadcast messages
    • [Fixed] Hide Blue Microphone not working
    • [Fixed] Status Seen/Unseen color not working in Status page
    • [Fixed] Hide View Status in Custom Privacy
    • [Fixed] Crash when setting Wallpaper in Chat/Group
    • [Fixed] One UI tab title shows when switching pages
    • [Fixed] One UI Title showing twice sometimes
    • [Disabled] Swipe Row by default
    • [Misc] Many other corrections and improvements
  • Version 8.46:
    • [Added] Slide the chat row on the Home screen to see quick actions
    • [Added] Use the new WhatsApp fingerprint user interface
    • [Added] Bottom bar style option to the home user interface
    • [Added] Dark mode for WhatsApp and mix settings
    • [Added] Download Emoji variants of mix settings
    • [Enabled] Animated stickers
    • [Added] Option to use the emoji variant of the phone system for WhatsApp
    • [Added] Group chats now have a separate tab (Optional)
    • [Added] Separate group tab for the bottom bar
    • [Enhanced] Changing the light/dark mode will save the current settings and restore them when changing
    • [Enhanced] Font preview
    • [Fixed] “Not installed” error
    • [Fixed] Fingerprint wait time randomly changes to “Immediately”
    • [Fixed] Slide your finger between screens when Slide Row is on


How to Install or Update

To install WhatsApp Mix for the first time we must follow a series of really simple steps, we leave them to you below:

  1. Backup your conversations, go to Settings > Chats > Backup” and click on “Save” (Google Drive backups are not valid for modifications).
  2. Uninstall the WhatsApp or any other modification you have installed in the number where you want to install this application.
  3. Enable the option to install from unknown sources, to do this activate the option “Install from unknown sources” or “Unknown sources” from Phone Settings > Security.
  4. Download the application (below are the download links)
  5. Click on the downloaded package or APK (Do not click on RESTORE on the first screen)
  6. Follow the steps indicated in the installation and verify the number
  7. Now you can restore the backup of your conversations
  8. Choose your nick and you are ready to go

If you already have it installed and want to update WhatsApp Mix is even easier, simply download the same package you have installed and click on it to install. You don’t have to uninstall anything first, but it is advisable to make a backup.

Download WhatsApp Mix

If you have decided to download WhatsApp Mix then you should know that there are 3 different packages or APK, each one will be used according to where you want to install the modification. So if you want to install the application as your main WhatsApp account number then you should download the com.whatsapp package, if you want to install it as an extra number then you should download the other package.

Below are the direct download links for the latest version 8.70:

Download WhatsApp Mix > com.whatsapp | com.mixwhatsapp | com.mixwhatsapp3