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WhatsApp PLUS is updated to the new version 7.00 ANTI-BAN

28th June 2019

As expected, WhatsApp PLUS is also updated with the new ANTI-BAN system. This is the new version 7.00, an update focused on this new system that works 100% if you follow a few simple installation steps.

This time its base has not been updated, it is still version 2.19.17 of WhatsApp for Android, although the expiration date has been extended to last until the next update, which should not take long to arrive.

WhatsApp PLUS

WhatsApp PLUS 7.00 News

Apart from the new anti-banning system and the extension of the expiration date of the database, we can also find several bug fixes. What we didn’t find are new functions or mods, which should arrive in the next update.

The WhatsApp PLUS 7.00 news list is as follows:

  • [ New ] Anti-Ban (If you got BAN before – Uninstall and Install This)
  • [ Fixed ] Hidden Chat Count Showing on Main Screen
  • [ Fixed ] Payments Color in Attach Menu
  • [ Fixed ] Crash When Open Chat on Some Devices
  • [ Extended ] Expiry for this Base
  • Many More Fixes

WhatsApp PLUS 7.00

How to install WhatsApp PLUS 7.00

For the new ANTI-BAN system to work 100%, it is recommended that we do a clean installation, whether we have been banned before or not, so that after making a backup of our chats, we uninstall the WhatsApp or modification that we have installed and install this new version.

And if we are going to install a WhatsApp Mod, in this case WhatsApp PLUS, for the first time, we must also follow the installation steps described above to be able to use this modification.


Here are the links to download WhatsApp PLUS as our main WhatsApp account number or extra number:

Via > DownloadAppsMobile