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WhatsApp plus JiMODs version 7.60 now available

15th August 2018

It is now available to download the latest version of WhatsApp plus JiMODs, not to be confused with the current WhatsApp Plus. This is the new version 7.60, an update that brings nothing new compared to other WhatsApp Mods, and is actually based on a remod.

WhatsApp plus JiMODs is based on the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp, which is also based on YoWhatsApp, too many hands have touched this code which does not bring any news regarding the modifications of WhatsApp on which it is based.

WhatsApp plus JiMODs

What’s new in WhatsApp plus JiMODs 7.60

As we’ve already mentioned, if you’re a fan of the current WhatsApp Mods we’re talking about on the blog, you’ll see that the latest version of WhatsApp plus JiMODs doesn’t bring anything new, we could say it’s a copy of Fouad WhatsApp but changing the name and the info of the app.

  • [Base Update] 2.18.203
  • [Added] Hide Chat – Hike style
  • [Added] Hide chat options: Notifications, Sound, Shake WhatsApp name
  • [Added] Hide chat change Fingerprint/PIN/Pattern option
  • [Added] Imessage Style in Action Bar
  • [Added] Selected Tab Underline color (option 2.1.11)
  • [Added] Line color between chats in Main Screen (option 2.1.12)
  • [Added] Date Pending Message color in Main Screen (option 2.1.13)
  • [Added] Date Color in Main Screen (option 2.1.14)
  • [Added] Mention color in Main Screen (option 2.1.15)
  • [Added] Documents Text Color in Chat Screen (option 3.1.32)
  • [Added] Mention color in Chat Screen (option 3.1.33)
  • [Added] Voice note play button color (option 3.1.30)
  • [Added] Voice note play bar (option 3.1.329)
  • [Added] Forward icon color (option 3.1.25)
  • [Added] Forward background color (options 3.1.26)
  • [Added] Participants Color (Option 3.1.31)
  • [Added] New Facebook emojis
  • [Enabled] “Mark as Read” from notification
  • [Enabled] “Select all” option chats in Home screen
  • [Enabled] Specific Media Visibility for Groups! Option to choose to show a group media in gallery or hide it.
  • [Enabled] Save chats to a file! (Chat Menu > More > export chat)
  • [Added] All names in home/status/calls now take same color
  • [Added] 4 new entries (thanks RC)
  • [Added] 5-minutes increase status instead of 45 seconds limit (Option 1.3.11)
  • [Improved] Russian, Arabic, Turkish Translation
  • [Improved] Pics Outside Chat bubbles
  • [Fixed] Status Download button disappears under navbar
  • [Fixed] Download Text status copies incorrect status
  • [Fixed] Dribble and DribbleV2 entries text go behind send icon
  • [Fixed] Contact name does not take system font
  • [] Other bug fixes and improvements

Download WhatsApp plus JiMODs

As always, before downloading and installing a WhatsApp Mods it is recommended to back up your chats. Then we simply have to download and install the APK we have chosen, as we want it as the main WhatsApp number, or as a second or third number.

Download WhatsApp plus JiMODs > Main Number (com.whatsapp) | Second Number (com.gbwhatsapp) | Third Number (com.jtwhatsapp)