WhatsApp PLUS 15.41.1: Most Popular Modification Updated

WhatsApp PLUS, also known as WA PLUS, is a modification different from the others, it is not copy or based on Fouad Whatsapp like many others, and its quality is really very good. Update after update your developer manages to improve the application with new functions that we will not find in other modifications.

In this article we will show you completely how this modification is, its latest news and how to download, install or update the application. If you finally decide to bet on this modification, we are sure that you will continue with it for a long time, because its quality is excellent.

WhatsApp PLUS

Is WhatsApp PLUS safe?

Whatsapp often bans accounts for those who do unusual activities such as uploading a 5 minute video in State or forwarding a message to many contacts at once. So if you want to be safe from account bans, don’t overuse the additional features of WhatsApp Plus that are not available in the official version of WhatsApp.


The basis used by the developer of WhatsApp PLUS is a beta version, which is quite interesting, as it always tries to have the latest versions, so we will always have the latest major features released on WhatsApp for Android.

WhatsApp PLUS

A good modification has to have 3 features: Privacy, Customization and Extra Features, WhatsApp PLUS has all three of them, and talking about each of them would be very long and heavy for everyone, so we summarize the main features of the application:

  • DND mode
  • Hidden chats
  • Find your friends
  • Dynamic Theme Background
  • Animated Stickers
  • Video call for up to 8 people
  • Real-time filters/stickers on video calls
  • You can change the default WhatsApp name logo
  • Attachment button available on the WANH input
  • Different new emojis
  • You can change the style of the ticks and bubbles
  • Color contact display
  • Enlarge profile image
  • Optimized bubble style
  • Theme Shop
  • Contacts with Online Toast
  • Support for dark mode
  • Customized Privacy for Groups and Contacts
  • Freeze the last time you enter the application
  • Personalized privacy for contacts
  • You can make a personalized list of who can call you
  • Anti-delete messages
  • Hide View Status
  • Show Blue Tick after replying
  • Anti-ban
  • One click to create a new group
  • Translation of the conversation text
  • Set more than 1000 chats
  • Send over 1000 media files at one time
  • Send videos up to 80MB
  • Send a photo of up to 100M pixels with 100% image quality
  • No Advertising
  • Sends a super long (5 minutes) and high quality state
  • You can use more than 250 characters in the States
  • Videos in the States in up to 5 minutes

WA PLUS features image

What’s New in WhatsApp PLUS 2021

The latest version of WhatsApp PLUS 2021 is version 15.41.1, an upgrade to WhatsApp for Android version, a version that allows video calls and group calls of up to 8 participants at a time and enable Disappearing Messages.

WhatsApp PLUS 2021 image

All the news we can find in WhatsApp PLUS 15.41.1 are:

  • Version 15.41.1:
    • [Fixed] Minor fixes
  • Version 15.40.0:
    • [Added] Custom Tab Style
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed for Telegram Plugin
  • Version 15.30.0:
    • [Added] Add Gif2Sticker back
    • [Added] Optimize update flow
    • [Added] Option to disable profile ring in conversation list
    • [Added] Option to disable DND mode shorcut
    • [Added] Option to disable light /dark mode shorcut
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
  • Version 15.20.2:
    • [Fixed] Minor fixes
  • Version 15.20.0:
    • [Added] Telegram Plugin BETA (Pre-Register needed)
    • [Added] Restore entry while first launch
    • [Fixed] Crash fixed
  • Version 15.10.0:
    • [Added] Option to exclude media in backup
    • [Fixed] Optimize memory usage and reduce OOM issues
  • Version 15.01.3:
    • [Fixed] Crash issues and other minor fixes
  • Version 15.01.0:
    • [Added] New animated stickers
    • [Fixed] Schedule message to broadcast
  • Version 15.00.0:
    • [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
    • [Fixed] Emoji missing issues
  • Version 14.21.0:
    • [Added] Status Read option (while hide view status is enabled)
    • [Fixed] Crash issues and other minor fixes
  • Version 14.20.2:
    • [Added] Icon for deleted status (while Anti-Delete Status option is enabled)
    • [Fixed] Crash issues and other minor fixes
  • Version 14.20.0:
    • [Added] Backup / Restore files to / from MEGA
    • [Added] Optimize backup / restore flow
    • [Added] Forward to broadcast
    • [Added] Message scheduler to broadcast
    • [Fixed] Launch time speed
    • [Fixed] Crash issues and other minor fixes
  • Version 14.10.1:
    • [Fixed] Minor bugs
  • Version 14.10.0:
    • [Added] Backup / Restore files to / from Dropbox
    • [Added] Notification bar while enable DND
    • [Added] Option to disable color phone
    • [Added] Minor UI optimizations
    • [Fixed] App Crash
  • Version 14.02.0:
    • [Added] Unlimited conversation pins (Home Screen Settings)
    • [Fixed] Dark mode color in back page
    • [Fixed] Some Crash
  • Version 14.00.0:
    • [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
    • [Enabled] Disappearing Messages
    • [Fixed] App Crash
  • Version 13.34.0:
    • [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
    • [Added] Option to disable self destructive message in settings
    • [Optimized] APK size reduced ~6%
    • [Fixed] Dark mode for setting page
  • Version 13.32.2:
    • [Added] Unlimited Pin
    • [Optimized] Update success rate
    • [Fixed] Crash while reading status
    • [Fixed] Update dialog bug
    • [Fixed] Minor bugs
  • Version 13.30.1:
    • [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
    • [Added] Option to disable self destructive message in settings
    • [Optimized] APK size reduced ~6%
    • [Fixed] Dark mode for setting page
    • [Fixed] Crash bugs fixing
  • Version 13.20.0:
    • [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
    • [Added] Support Smart Update : Save internet traffic while updating
    • [Added] More interesting status (Brazil Only)
    • [Fixed] Crash bugs fixing
  • Version 13.10.2:
    • [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
    • [Added] Message Scheduler
    • [Fixed] Fixed emoji missing issues
    • [Fixed] Irregular incorrect theme color
    • [Fixed] Fixed background of Hide Chats page
    • [Fixed] Dark mode / light mode settings
    • [Fixed] Incorrect share to contacts behavior
    • [Fixed] Display text of Message Scheduler in Dark Mode
    • [Fixed] Send Scheduled Message in Exact Time
  • Version 13.00.2:
    • [Fixed] Some crashes
  • Version 13.00.1:
    • [Fixed] Optimized App Update Flow
    • [Fixed] Some crashes
  • Version 13.00.0:
    • [Update] Update WhatsApp Base to 2.20.201
    • [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
    • [Fixed] Reduced ~60% Theme Store Launch Time
    • [Fixed] Reduced APK size
    • [Fixed] Blue double ticks while user read
  • Version 12.20.0:
    • [Update] Update WhatsApp Base to (Google Play)
    • [Added] Self destructive message
    • [Added] Stunning Dynamic Themes
    • [Fixed] Reduce ~10% APK size
    • [Fixed] Online Theme Store error
    • [Fixed] Optimized memory usage
    • [Fixed] Optimized update download speed
    • [Fixed] Invalid message tick status and color
    • [Fixed] Keep settings after app restart
    • [Fixed] Hide Chat button color
    • [Fixed] Menu item icons are not shown correctly
  • Version 12.10.0:
    • [Added] Custom launcher icon
    • [Added] Optimize theme store
    • [Fixed] Translation Feature
    • [Fixed] Fix crashes


To install WhatsApp PLUS and make it your main WhatsApp account number, there are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Before installing, make a backup of the WhatsApp or modification you have installed. To do this, go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Backup and click on Save (Google Drive backups are not suitable for modifications).
  2. Uninstall WhatsApp (or whatever WhatsApp Mod you have installed)
  3. If you have never installed an application other than from Google Play, then check the option “Install from unknown sources” or “Unknown sources”. Go to Phone Settings > Security.
  4. Download WhatsApp PLUS (link below)
  5. Click on the downloaded file which will be of type .apk
  6. Do NOT click on restore conversations yet and follow all the installation steps (same as in the original WhatsApp)
  7. After verifying your number, press Restore Conversations (Read IMPORTANT NOTE). If you get hung up looking for the copy, close the application and go back inside.
  8. You have now installed your WhatsApp PLUS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes when restoring the conversations in the installation, you can restore an older copy than we have, so you would have to delete all but the last one.


If you already have WhatsApp PLUS installed and want to upgrade to the latest version available, then it’s really easy, just download the latest version (you have the download link below), find the downloaded file on your device and install it.

To upgrade you don’t have to uninstall anything and you don’t need to back up your conversations, although if you do back up in case something goes wrong, you will always have that option available to revert to an earlier version.

Download WhatsApp PLUS

If you want to download the latest version of WhatsApp PLUS 15.41.1 just below we leave you the direct download link. This modification only has the com.whatsapp package. Unlike other modifications that have more packages in case we want to install them as extra numbers.

WhatsApp PLUS 15.41.1

Before installing you should check with a file manager at WhatsApp\Databases, and if you have more than one backup then remove the oldest ones. If you install and do not restore the last backup properly then you will have to uninstall it and reinstall your old WhatsApp or modification to restore the last backup.

Download WhatsApp PLUS: