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WhatsApp PLUS 11.00.0: All News and Fixes

4th August 2020

We can now download the latest version of WhatsApp PLUS, an update with very interesting new features. Specifically, it is the new version 11.00.0, which comes with new features, new base and many bug fixes that improve the regular use of the application.

It should be clarified that it is not the original WhatsApp PLUS, not even the copy of GBWhatsApp released by Abu Saddam Rifai, nor one of the many mods that are exact copies of Fouad WhatsApp, but an original modification with exclusive features.

WhatsApp PLUS

What’s New in Version 11.00.0

To start we have to talk about the update of its base, which is now the version 2.20.189 of WhatsApp for Android, an update that means we can make video calls or calls of up to 8 participants. Very few MODs, not even Fouad, have such an updated version.

What's New in Version 11.00.0

All the new features of WhatsApp PLUS 11.00.0 are

  • Version 11.00.0:
    • Base: 2.20.189 (Google Play)
    • [Added] Home Header Style
    • [Added] Bottom Style
    • [Added] Chat Head Message Beta (Settings > Universal Settings > Others)
    • [Added] Online Status
    • [Added] Separate Chats / Groups (Settings > Home Screen)
    • [Added] Use my name as home Head (Settings > Home Screen)
    • [Added] Bottom navigation (Settings > Home Screen)
    • [Added] Dark mode shortcut
    • [Added] Icon for Anti-delete messages
    • [Added] More Status options (Settings > Universal Settings > Status)
    • [Fixed] Who can call me
    • [Fixed] Online Toast
    • [Fixed] APK Size
    • [Fixed] Dark theme in Android 10
    • [Fixed] Incorrect Theme color
  • Version 10.00.0:
    • [Upgraded] New Base 2.20.189
    • [Added] Emoji Variants
    • [Added] More Languages Supported:Arabic、Türkçe、اُردُو
    • [Fixed] Optimized APK size
    • [Fixed] Restart App Failed in some devices

Download WhatsApp PLUS 11.00.0

To download WhatsApp PLUS we have only one package, the com.whatsapp, so we can only install it as a main number. We will have to wait for future updates in case your developer adds new packages to install it as a secondary or extra number.

WhatsApp PLUS 11.00.0

Before installing you should check with a file manager at WhatsApp\Databases, and if you have more than one backup then remove the oldest ones. If you install and do not restore the last backup properly then you will have to uninstall it and reinstall your old WhatsApp or modification to restore the last backup.

Download WhatsApp PLUS > com.whatsapp

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