WhatsApp starts banning those who use Mods or “tricks”

Whatsapp a few days ago started banning and closing some profiles on the platform. The company has very strict rules and those who try to skip them may face unpleasant consequences, and here are some reasons why they can cancel your WhatsApp account. The company has decided to temporarily or permanently block certain profiles without prior notice. 

In the last few hours, many users using the application have seen that they can no longer send or receive messages. WhatsApp has decided to punish those who violate the rules of application by trickery or try to overcome the obstacles imposed by the platform through the use of unofficial applications.

image whatsapp

WhatsApp Doesn’t Want “Tricks” with its Application

One of the tricks WhatsApp doesn’t like is the method of deleting messages beyond the set limit, which allows us to delete messages sent in seven minutes. Therefore, the company has decided to adopt a rather strict attitude towards these people, judging by the closing of accounts, and that is that this function is controlled by server, being very easy to detect by the company.

In addition, WhatsApp is also getting very serious, again, with users than unofficial applications, i. e. WhatsApp Mods, such as WhatsApp PLUS, GBWhatsApp, etc. WhatsApp is again taking measures, and that is that anyone who uses these applications runs the risk of having their profile deleted and not being able to continue using the platform with the infringing phone number.

So, if you’re using a WhatsApp Mods or skipping the 7-minute limit, keep an eye out for the next few hours, you could run out of WhatsApp. Here’s a link where you can check WhatsApp Terms Of Service.

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