WhatsApp Status can have holograms with Holo-Holograms

WhatsApp Status has over time become a feature within WhatsApp that undoubtedly attracts more and more attention, but neither can its popularity be said to be brutal. One thing that can make such popularity grow is adding new options within these states, but sometimes to achieve this you have to use applications like Holo-Holograms.

If you want to add a touch of originality to your WhatsApp Status, add a few fun holograms, though you won’t get that if you don’t use an application like Holo-Holograms. The holidays are coming up with this application will surprise more than one with a fun state.

image Holo-Holograms in WhatsApp Status

How Holo-Holograms Works at WhatsApp Status

Using Holo-Holograms to add a hologram in WhatsApp Status is really very simple. It’s about working with augmented reality that can be achieved simply by using the camera of our smartphone. We have several creations of different types that will appear when we open the camera of our device. When we have the creation selected we can start recording a video and save it in the gallery.


The rest is simply uploading that video to WhatsApp Status without any problems. This is going to give your WhatsApp contacts the feeling that you’ve recorded that video with the same camera as the messaging application, which either makes it even more amazing. If you want something fun for Christmas, you know where to turn.

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