WhatsApp to Talk to Facebook Advertisers

Facebook managers seem to be finding ways to capitalize on the great investment they made with the purchase of WhatsApp. An example of this is that the messaging service will be used so that users of the large social network can contact the companies that advertise on this network.

It’s a way to monetize WhatsApp without breaking Facebook’s promise not to integrate advertising into the messaging service. But it can be used as a means to connect advertisers with potential customers, and thus make the most of the investment. The system seems to be links that advertisers themselves will use to connect with potential customers.

image Facebook and WhatsApp together

Facebook and WhatsApp united for customers

It seems that advertisers within Facebook will have the option to put a button inside their ads that by being a pushbutton the user would take you directly to a conversation with the company through WhatsApp. Clicking this button will open a chat with a message that was already prepared but the user can modify to request information about a product.

image whatsapp

At the moment it seems that this button is being launched all over the world except in the European market, and many blame it for the problems Facebook people have had with the European Union when exchanging user data with WhatsApp. It has already been announced that this will soon be implemented in Europe, but it seems that important information from this invention will be taken out first.


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