WhatsApp Transparent, the only original modification

If you are looking for a modification that is transparent when installed, look no further, the ones that were already there are no longer updated and you will not be able to install it on your Android device. But we’ll show you how to transform almost any modification into a WhatsApp Transparent in a few simple steps.

Stop looking for how to download WhatsApp Transparent, but if you want to make your WhatsApp modification transparent keep reading, you will get full transparency, as in the image below, including chats, bubbles, header… absolutely everything you want will be transparent.

WhatsApp Transparent image

How to make WhatsApp Transparent: First Steps

The first thing will be to have a WhatsApp modification installed, we recommend one that is based on Fouad WhatsApp, since it allows you to install themes, although it must be said that it will not work in all of them. For this purpose we have used Delta YoWhatsApp, if you click on the link you will see how to install it step by step.

WhatsApp Transparent Theme

A transparency theme is already pre-installed, but it is horrible and works from dark mode. So we will install a transparent theme created for the occasion, you can download it from here. Once downloaded, it is usually downloaded in the Download folder, from the MOD from the main screen go to “menu button > Fouad Mods > FMThemes > LOAD THEMES”, find the transparent theme (TransparentTheme.xml) and click on it.

Getting more transparency in WhatsApp

We already have a transparent WhatsApp, but we can still achieve more transparency, for example in the conversation screens, for which we go to “Menu > Fouad Mods > Conversation Screen” and activate the option “Wallpaper View”.

Making WhatsApp even more transparent

We can still make our WhatsApp more transparent more things, for example the bubbles inside the chat screens. In “Menu > Fouad Mods > Conversation Screen > Bubble and Ticks” we look for the options Left Bubble Color and Right Bubble Color, in the left transparency bar we take the cursor down and select the transparent color.

bubbles transparent in WhatsApp

And finally, we can also make the bubble transparent with the date in the conversations if we go to “Menu > Conversation Screen > Conversation Screen > More Options > Info Balloon Background Colour”, selecting a transparent color with the bar on the left.

Improving transparency in WhatsApp Transparent

Maybe now the text doesn’t look good with your wallpaper, don’t worry, let’s set it up too: to change the color of the conversation text go to “Menu > Fouad Mods > Conversation screen > Bubble and Ticks” and click on “Right Bubble Text Color” and select the color that best suits. Do the same with the text in the left bubble.

How to change text color in WhatsApp Transparent

In the main screen you can also change the text: go to “Menu > Fouad Mods > Home Screen > Rows” and in the option “Text color” select the color that best suits you.

Last step to get WhatsApp Transparent (Optional)

Depending on the modification of WhatsApp you have chosen, you can give it some final touches, for example in Delta YoWhatsApp we have selected the option “Stock WhatsApp” from “Menu > Fouad Mods > Home Screen > Home Layout” to get the final result (first image).

WhatsApp image Transparent as original

To make the main bar transparent go to “Menu > MODs > Main Screen > Top Bar > Tabs Background” we have selected a solid transparent color.  Finally, from “Menu > Fouad Mods > Home Screen > Top Bar” we have selected the lower bar in the “Navigation UI Style” option.

More transparency options on WhatsApp Transparent

And so, if you “play” a little with the customization options of the WhatsApp MODs you have installed, you can make a transparent WhatsApp completely to your liking. And if you get tired of transparency and want to go back to the original settings, simply go to “Menu > Fouad Mods > FMThemes” and click on “Reset Preferences”.