WhatsApp Ultra 2.10: An Innovative Modification

WhatsApp Ultra, one of the best modifications of WA PLUS available, is back after more than two years without being updated. This is the new version 2.10, an update that changes almost everything, with a new user interface and many new features added.

This WhatsApp MOD is made by Karam Lord, a developer well known for other really great modifications like KLWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp Ultimate, modifications that were stopped being updated long time ago, and that really brought new things to this world of modifications.

WhatsApp Ultra


If you finally decide to install WhatsApp Ultra you will see that it is one of the most complete modifications that exist, with all the characteristics that you could wish for in this type of application, to which its developer adds new and exclusive features with each new update.

Features WhatsApp Ultra

A summary of all the features of the application could be the following list:

  • Based on
  • Ban proof.
  • Supports calls.
  • Supports Theming
  • DND
  • Zoom for profiles footage.
  • Privacy mods: Hide the “Last seen”.
  • Counter statistics for group.
  • Media preview without loading.
  • Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen.
  • Increase video size sending from 16 MB to 30 MB.
  • Image sending increases from 10 pictures to 90.
  • Increase status words from 139 characters to 250.
  • Ability to proceed links on chat screen while not saving sender variety or cluster admin variety.
  • Ability to press in links on your friends status without effort.
  • The chance of identifying between traditional and broadcast messages.
  • Hide the name and the date while copying to another chat user.
  • Copy and Paste status.
  • Added more docs file support pdf, xls, txt, doc, ppt, vcard, xlsx, txt, rtf, docx, pptx ,and zip.s

New WhatsApp Ultra 2.10

In addition to the new base of the application, version of WhatsApp for Android, it is worth noting the multiple night mode, where we can choose from several night modes, in addition to the default in the original application, and a transparent mode really incredible.

The full list of new features of WhatsApp Ultra 2.10 is as follows:

  • Version 2.10:
    • [Base] Update
    • [Exclusive] Added option to increase documents files size (1GB)
    • [Exclusive] Ability to copy your number from profile
    • [Exclusive] Added option to select transparency of right bubble when right mode is enabled
    • [Exclusive] Added option to select transparency of status bar
    • [Added] Toast Notifications – Online, Photo Changed, Status Viewed
    • [Added] App Security – pattern Lock, Pin Lock
    • [Added] New Menu Drawer Navigation
    • [Added] Ability to hide Menu Drawer Navigation
    • [Added] Increase pin chat limit to 50
    • [Added] Dark icon/texts if app theme is light
    • [Added] Option to hide WhatsApp web option from menu
    • [Added] Option to show navigation bar in Gradient Theme UI
    • [Added] Gradients type – Bottom Top, Top Bottom
    • [Improved] WhatsApp, telegram, gradients – UI
    • [Removed] Option to hide viewed statuses
    • [Removed] Option to hide muted statuses
    • [Fixed] All previous bugs
  • Version 2.00:
    • [Base] Update 2.20.157
    • [Exclusive] Multi Night Mode (Grey/Blue/Dark
    • [Exclusive] Options to customize Night mode (Custom accent color/Accent chat bubble color)
    • [Exclusive] Transparent Mode
    • [Exclusive] Options to customize transparent mode (Degree of transparency/Light wallpaper)
    • [Exclusive] Full Telegram Ui (Home/Conversation)
    • [Added] Telegram / Material Themes options
    • [Added] Custom colours options to (Home/Conversation)
    • [Added] Gradients Themes (Home/Conversation)
    • [Added] New styles for chats bubbles
    • [Added] New wallpapers for conversation background
    • [Added] Option to change status ticks style to ios style
    • [Added] Buttons to select text status Background/Text color
    • [Added] Menu Navigation Drawer
    • [Added] New Floating Button in home tabs
    • [Added] Option to Hide Floating Button and show default fab
    • [Added] New Design for Internet Browser (Material Design)
    • [Added] New Design for wa ultra
    • [Fixed] All previous bugs

How to Install or Update

If you have never installed a WhatsApp MOD, it is recommended that you follow the steps below to properly install WhatsApp Ultra:

  1. The first thing is to backup our conversations, but the copies in Google Drive are not valid for the WhatsApp modifications, to do this go to Settings > Chats > Backup” and click on “Save”.
  2. Uninstall the version of WhatsApp for Android that you have installed on your device
  3. You must allow installation from unknown sources, so if you don’t already have it, turn it on in Phone Settings > Security.
  4. Download the APK (below you have the download link)
  5. Now click on the downloaded APK, it will install as the original WhatsApp, only we will have to restore the conversations after verifying our number
  6. Just put your name or nickname and that’s it.

If you already had this modification installed and you want to update WhatsApp Ultra to the latest version available, then simply download the same package or APK you already had installed on your device and click to install it, you will not have to delete anything, but it is advisable to make a backup first.

Download WhatsApp Ultra

Currently there is only one package or APK to download WhatsApp Ultra, the com.whatsapp package, so we can only install this modification as our main WhatsApp account number. New packages may be added in future updates to install it as a secondary number.

You can find the download link below:

Download WhatsApp Ultra > com.whatsapp