WhatsApp Web updated to 0.2.7304 with new features

The Web version of WhatsApp has been updated to version 0.2.7304 by introducing two new features for users: the redesigned version of emojis already seen on board Android and Windows Phone devices and better verification of verified business accounts.

The popular instant messaging application has implemented its own personal emoji game with a more modern look and unique three-dimensional style. The first appearance of these emojis occurred in early October with the beta version of WhatsApp for Android.

image WhatsApp emoji

Increased Security at WhatsApp Business

The second and final novelty of WhatsApp Web is the ability to check a contact’s profile to see what type of account you are using. In particular, if you are using a business account, there will be three different entries:

  • Verified. WhatsApp has verified that a genuine brand has this account. A verified account has a green badge with a white mark inside the profile.
  • Confirmed. WhatsApp has confirmed that the phone number on this account corresponds to the phone number of the activity. A confirmed bead has a grey badge with a white mark inside the profile.
  • Business account. This is an account that uses the WhatsApp Business application, but has not yet been verified or confirmed by WhatsApp. A trading account has a grey badge with a question mark inside the profile.

The new version of WhatsApp Web is now ready for use at this address. To be able to use it with the latest news, make sure you’ve cleared the browser cache you’re using.


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