WhatsApp will use Facebook servers for profile photos

If you’ve ever wondered where WhatsApp saves your profile photo, the answer is now clearer on Facebook’s servers. Of course, this measure has not always been this way, but the unification of the two services, after the big purchase, seems to be getting closer and closer, although for many this should not be the case.

For many experts, and others who are even less expert, the fact that WhatsApp and Facebook are linked together will be a reality that is gradually becoming a reality, as shown by the fact that now the profile photos of instant messaging users will end up on the servers of the large social network. So we need to know what’s gonna happen with our privacy.

image whatsapp

WhatsApp and Facebook growing closer together

It seems that it is already a decision in the signature, that Facebook’s servers will be used to save the WhatsApp user profile photos, a change that will not affect us directly or immediately to the users because it is only a change of servers.

But the problem, if we want to call it that, is what all this will end up in, and if this step is just one of many that are going to happen so that WhatsApp and Facebook finally form a single entity that controls all communications and relationships between users on the network. We are committed to this last theory, which today does not seem so far-fetched.

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