WhatsApp X is updated to version 0.4

WhatsApp X is a new WhatsApp Mods recently launched by Soula, a well-known developer of modifications. This time its creator has wanted to rely on the Privacy and size of the application, going to the extreme of leaving only the default language, English.

We could compare it with WhatsApp B58 Mini, another WhatsApp Mods based on Privacy and size, which currently has more privacy options. We will have to wait for future updates of WhatsApp X so that we can compare it with property, as this modification is just beginning.

WhatsApp X

Privacy on WhatsApp X

The privacy options in WhatsApp X are available from the configuration button on the main screen (top right, next to the magnifying glass), from which we can configure the following options:

  • Freeze Last Seen: Nobody will be able to see that we are online, but we will not see them either.
  • Anti-Revoke: If we activate it we will be able to see the messages deleted from our contacts.
  • Hide Status View: We will be able to see the status of our contacts without them knowing it.
  • Contacts: Configure the privacy options of our contacts
  • Groups: Configure the privacy options of our groups
  • Broadcast: Configure the privacy options of our mailing lists.

And from inside contacts, groups and lists of diffusion we can configure:

  • Hide Read Status: Hides the reading of States.
  • Hide Receipt Status: Hide that we have received the State.
  • Hide Play Status: Hide that we have reproduced the State.
  • Hide Recording Status: Hide that we are recording a State.
  • Hide Typing Status: Hides that we are writing a State.

Privacy on WhatsApp X

Apart from the privacy options, WhatsApp X has a very interesting option, such as cleaning up WhatsApp residual files, such as cache of multimedia files, logs or old backups.

New WhatsApp X Version 0.4

The complete list of WhatsApp X 0.4 news is as follows:

  • Based on WhatsApp 2.18.306.
  • Enabled all hidden functions of the official version.
  • The com.wa package is now available.
  • Other corrections…

Download WhatsApp X

WhatsApp X can be installed as WhatsApp’s main number or as a secondary number. If you want to install it as a main number you must download the package com.whatsapp, and if it is as a second number the package wa.com.

Download WhatsApp XWhatsAppX (com.whatsapp) | WhatsAppX 2 (com.wa)

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