Xiaomi MIUI 11: ready-to-use development

Xiaomi is ready to begin development of MIUI 11, the new version of proprietary software customization. The announcement was made at the Xiaomi MIUI Core Experience Annual Meeting where Lin Ming, head of Xiaomi Internet’s product design department, confirmed the start of work on MIUI 11.

Little information was provided in the announcement of the new version. During the presentation, in fact, Lin Ming limited himself to defining MIUI 11 as a “new and unique operating system” without stopping, however, at the new features that will be introduced.

image of MIUI

MIUI 11: More details coming soon

In all likelihood, the company will publish more information about the new features of the software in the coming weeks through its official channels, so soon we will have more information about MIUI 11.

image of MIUI 11

Meanwhile, Xiaomi continues to upgrade its devices to MIUI 10, the latest stable version. Among the latest smartphones that have received it is, in particular, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, updated to Android Pie 9.0 through MIUI 10 Global version 10.0.11.


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