YouTube Go for Android now has its stable version available

For the less well-informed, YouTube Go for Android is an application version of the streaming video platform that is ideal to have on your smartphone because it takes up much less space, and also makes us spend much less data. The stable version is now available on the market, albeit in a staggered form and for the time being in very few markets.

The truth is that YouTube Go for Android is an application that has been in testing for eleven months, and it can be said that it is now beginning to see the light of day little by little in the emerging countries of the world. We will be able to access YouTube content without having to spend too much on data, and without the need for powerful connections.

YouTube Go for Android image

The advantages of YouTube Go for Android

The first advantage of this new application is that it will only take up 9MB of space on your smartphone, so it’s great for watching videos on this type of mobile device. We can also download videos to the device including SD memory if we don’t have a lot of storage and we can share videos using Bluetooth.

YouTube Go for Android also has some drawbacks if compared to the original version, as it is limited in some of its functions, something normal considering that it is a basic version of the application to use anywhere without major problems. So far the application has been released in its stable version in India and Indonesia, although in other markets we can install the APK of this application.

Download YouTube Go | Google Play | APKMirror

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