YoWhatsApp Mini 18: the best mini WhatsApp MODs

YoWhatsApp Mini has just arrived, and it’s here to stay because it’s possibly the best Mini WhatsApp MODs, thanks to its lightness, it takes up very little space in our device, and its simplicity, without complicated customization options or many extra features, it only has just what it needs: Privacy and Security.

This mini modification is exactly the same as YoWhatsApp, as its name indicates, but without customization or extra features (it only has 2), so it is going to be the favorite modification of many users who only want privacy and do not want to complicate themselves with hundreds of customization options.

YoWhatsApp Mini image


As we have already mentioned, YoWhatsApp Mini does not have any customization options, but instead it has all the existing Privacy options, which we can configure both at a general level, and individually in the chats we want, each chat having different privacy options.

It also has security options to be able to set a password to the application or to the chats we want. Here you can choose between pattern, pin or fingerprint, and you can also configure the security options in “menu > privacy”, where you will find different options to configure.

YoWA Mini

Finally, we have to mention that it has 2 extra functions, one of them is the possibility of downloading states, the other one is the possibility of sending messages to contacts that we don’t have in our agenda, for that we will keep pressed the contacts button. Perhaps here it only lacks the DND mode, to leave offline only WhatsApp.

What’s new in YoWhatsApp Mini 18

Like any other mini modification of WhatsApp, as it has no customization options, its list of new features will always be short, focusing on updating the base of the application, something really fundamental, and on the extra functions added to it (hopefully only the DND mode will be added).

YoWhatsApp Mini 16 image

The complete list of new features that we can find in YoWhatsApp Mini 18 is:

  • New base (Now you can send messages that disappear)
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements

How to Install or Update

Like any other WhatsApp MODs to install YoWhatsApp Mini for the first time we must follow a series of essential, but really simple steps:

  1. The first and most important thing will be to make a backup from WhatsApp, to do this go to “Settings > Chats > Backup” and click on Save.
  2. Now we uninstall WhatsApp or any other modification that we have installed in the number where we want to install YoWA Mini.
  3. If we don’t have it activated yet then we activate the option to install applications from unknown sources from the security settings of our device.
  4. Download the package or APK of the application (below is the link) and click on it.
  5. We allow all the permissions it asks for, and once our number is verified then we restore the backup (it will detect it automatically).
  6. We introduce our name or nick and that’s it, application installed.

If instead we want to update YoWhatsApp Mini, the steps are simpler, since we simply have to download the package or APK with the latest version available and click on it to install it, without having to uninstall or verify anything.

Download YoWhatsApp

To download YoWhatsApp Mini we only have one package or installation APK, the com.whatsapp package, so we can only install this mini modification as our main WhatsApp account number. New extra packages will be included in future updates.

Below is a direct link to download the application:

Download YoWhatsApp Mini 18 > com.whatsapp