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YoWhatsApp Releases Minor Update to Remove Extended Expiry date

10th July 2018

If you are a YoWhatsApp user, you can be sure that in the last few days the expiration notice has not stopped being launched inside the application, and that’s why its developers have released the new version 7.51, which eliminates this annoying message, in addition to adding a new function that has been available for days in the official WhatsApp application.

The new feature added is the ability to make only group admins send messages in groups, thus silencing all other participants. This and the removal of the expiration notice are the only new features we will find in this latest version of YoWhatsApp.


YoWhatsApp 7.60 will be here very soon

The application development team has had to release this minor update while they continue to work on the next major update, version 7.60, which should be coming in the next few days, and we are sure that this new version will bring many interesting new features. In the meantime we leave you with the complete list of new features of v7.51 and its download links:

  • [Enabled] Group Settings – Send Messages (Once Enabled Only Admin can Send Messages in Group)
  • [Added] Extended Expiry date

Download YOWhatsApp v7.51 | Replace Stock app (1st Number) With Emoji Changer/Variants | Replace Stock app (1st Number) Without Emoji Changer/Variants | Use Second (2nd) Number With Emoji Changer/Variants | Use Second (2nd) Number Without Emoji Changer/Variants | Use third (3rd) Number With Emoji Changer/Variants | Use third (3rd) Number Without Emoji Changer/Variants

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