YoWhatsApp 8.86: One of the best WhatsApp MODs is updated

YoWhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the best modifications available today, with all the customization options imaginable, plus the possibility of downloading a theme from the thousands of free themes in your store. To all this you have to add privacy and some extra features.

This modification of WhatsApp was created by Yousef Al Basha, who left it a long time ago, although we all know that he is still working on Fouad WhatsApp, the modification on which he is currently based and to which he owes all the new features that he is adding update after update.

YoWhatsApp image


The features of YoWhatsApp are really impressive, and we can find all kinds of customization options, themes, privacy options, plus extra features especially related to sending multimedia files.

If we look for all the privacy options that exist, then this is our modification, where we can activate options to not be seen when we enter the application, read messages or see states without our contacts noticing, put the blue ticks only when we answer a message and much more.

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Customization is also one of the most important aspects of the application, and that is that besides being able to download topics, there are thousands of free ones, we can customize absolutely everything, such as editing the type of font, the ticks, the bubbles, the notifications, etc.

Finally, we would like to highlight the extra functions it has, such as blocking the application with a pattern, fingerprint or pin by clicking on WhatsApp on the start screen, sending images without loss of quality or larger, writing in the states with more characters available, etc.

News on YoWhatsApp 8.86

With the last version 8.86 of YoWhatsApp many new features have been included, among them the new base of the application, it is now the version of WhatsApp for Android and a new user interface, as well as correcting many bugs and introducing general performance improvements to the application.

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The complete and official list of YoWhatsApp 8.86 is as follows:

  • Version 8.86:
    • [Re-Added] Ability to save Profile Picture
    • [Fixed] Contacts list not showing on some phones
    • [Fixed] Status Splitter crash on some phones
    • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements
  • Version 8.85:
    • [Base]
    • [Added] New options to download story (copy caption, share, etc.)
    • [Added] FMThemes Store Dark/Light mode automatically
    • [Added]Option to hide Privacy terms notice msg (Universal > Hide Privacy msg). You can hide it without accepting.
    • [Moved/Fixed] “Copy caption” from long press to download options
    • [Fixed] Shop items crash in YoWhatsApp
    • [Fixed] Contact name not showing clearly in caption mention
    • [Fixed] Themes wallpaper not applying on some phones
    • [Fixed] YoWA Entry not taking background color
    • [Fixed] Full backup not working on Android 11+
    • [Added] Translations for Voice changer options
    • [Improved] Other translations
    • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements
  • Version 8.70:
    • [Added] Voice Changer for voice notes (Chat > 3-dot > Voice Changer). Record voice note and send.
    • [Added] Preview and confirm before sending sticker (FMMods > Conversation)
    • [Added] Option to delete downloaded emojis packs
    • [Added] Archived row in home screen now takes themes color
    • [Fixed] Slow messages sending in groups
    • [Other] WA extended deadline for new privacy policy to 15 May.
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements
  • Version 8.65:
    • [Fixed] Random crashes when messaging groups
    • [Fixed] sending messages in groups take long time
    • [Fixed] Blue Tick on Reply crashes
    • [Fixed] Swipe Row crash
    • [Added] Reset Preferences now also resets default wallpaper
    • [Fixed] crash using Status Splitter on some phones (not all)
    • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements
  • Version 8.60:
    • [Base]
    • [Enabled] Disappearing messages option
    • [Added] Mention Mark
    • [Added] Online/Offline Dot
    • [Added] Blue Tick on Reply for Groups (It is automatically enabled with normal Blue tick on Reply option)
    • [Added] Load theme from ZIP file
    • [Added] Click on Status caption to copy
    • [Added] archive chat
    • [Re-Added] Option to increase forward limit to 250 ( USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.)
    • [Added] new UI for Copy selection of text from message bubble (Highlight Bubble > 3 dots > Message Selection)
    • [Added] Advanced Search
    • [Added] new Custom Wallpaper UI
    • [Re-Added] Hide Recent Chats Option
    • [Re-Added] Hide Other Contacts Option
    • [Re-Added] Hide Frequently Contacted Option
    • [Fixed] New menu now closes automatically
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot :p
    • [Misc] Enjoy and discover by yourself!
  • Version 8.51:
    • [Fixed] Random Crash when using bottom bar styles
    • [Fixed] Crash when opening conversation
    • [Fixed] Scissors FAB showing in Calls tab
    • [Fixed] Stock UI tabs change color after long-press any row
    • [Fixed] crash when forwarding?
    • [Fixed] other minor crashes
    • [Fixed] Made status unread indicator smaller
  • Version 8.50:
    • [Base]
    • [Added] New attachment picker
    • [Added] Option to enable/disable new attachment UI (FMMods > Conversation)
    • [Added] Animation to new attachment
    • [Added] 5 Entries Style
    • [Added] 16 Bubble Style
    • [Added] 14 Ticks Style
    • [Added] “NEW” word next to new entries/ticks/bubbles
    • [Added] Option to Remove “Read More…” and show long messages completely
    • [Added] Option to change Online Toast Location (FMMods > Home)
    • [Fixed] One UI rotate issue
    • [Fixed] “Room” option in new attachment UI. If FB Messenger is not installed, the icon will switch to Camera.
    • [Fixed] Status tab has number. Changed to dot only
    • [Fixed] Unread counter issue (ex. calls)
    • [Fixed] Custom Wallpaper
    • [Fixed] Location attachment crash
    • [Fixed] Some crashes
    • [Fixed] Other minor things
    • [Removed] “increase forward limit to 250” option
    • [Improved] Added note when downloading themes to check dark/light mode
    • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot :p
    • [Misc] Enjoy and discover by yourself!
  • Version 8.46:
    • [Extend] Extend Expiry Date
  • Version 8.45:
    • [Added] Enable Chats/Groups separate without IG Stories
    • [Fixed] Messages Delay
    • [Fixed] Group tab unread counter flickering
    • [Fixed] Broadcast icon not showing on broadcast messages
    • [Fixed] Hide Blue Microphone not working
    • [Fixed] Status Seen/Unseen color not working in Status page
    • [Fixed] Hide View Status in Custom Privacy
    • [Fixed] Crash when setting Wallpaper in Chat/Group
    • [Fixed] One UI tab title shows when switching pages
    • [Fixed] One UI Title showing twice sometimes
    • [Disabled] Swipe Row by default
  • Version 8.40:
    • [Base] Base
    • [Added] Exclusive One UI Design
    • [Added] New Default Theme (Light/Night)
    • [Added] New styles for IG Story
    • [Added] New UI for adding a status from IG Story
    • [Added] New UI design for Bottom Bar Styles
    • [Added] New UI for activating options (airplane mode, light/night mode)
    • [Added] Animate name in header when it is too long
    • [Added] Animate Airplane icon when turned ON to alert you
    • [Added] Color options for IG Story elements
    • Fixed Contact Pic not showing when sending media in groups
    • [Fixed] Airplane and Light/Night mode icon not hiding in Groups tab
    • [Fixed] Bottom bar styles not working correctly RTL
    • [Updated] Translations
    • [Note] In-conversations translate feature now requires (Google Translate) App to be installed

How to Install or Update

If we are going to install YoWhatsApp for the first time on our Android device, then we must follow a series of steps that we explain in detail below:

  1. We make a backup, go to “Settings > Chats > Backup” and click on Save.
  2. Uninstall the WhatsApp or modification that we already have installed in the number where we want to install YoWhatsApp
  3. If we don’t have it activated yet, then from our device settings we activate the option to install applications from unknown sources. It is usually in Phone Settings > Security.
  4. Download the package or APK you want to install, depending on whether you want to install the modification as a main or extra number.
  5. Click on the downloaded APK or package, and it will start to install.
  6. Do not click on restore until the number has been verified.
  7. Introduce your name or nick and that’s it.

If we want to update YoWhatsApp the process is easier, just download the same package we have installed and click it to install it. There is no need to uninstall anything or verify our number again.

Download YoWhatsApp

To download YoWhatsApp there are up to 3 different packages or APKs, so depending on whether we want to install it as a main or extra number, we will download one or the other. If we want to install it as main number then we download the package com.whatsapp, if it is as extra number, then either of the other two.

Next we leave you all the download links of the application:

Download YoWhatsApp 8.86 > com.whatsapp | com.yowhatsapp | com.yowhatsapp2